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Assembly poll counting underway in 4 States. BJP leading in MP and RAJ.

State assembly election counting under progress, BJP leading in Rajasthan and MP, while congress heading steady in Telangana while a lot on stake for INC in Chhattisgarh as congress and BJP Both are neck to neck.

ECI Suspends DGP Telangana for Gifting Bouquet to Congress Provincial Chief for Telangana UR Reddy Amid Poll Counting.

Telangana CM KCR Lost against BJP Candidate KATIPALLY VENKATA RAMANA REDDY by 4273 Votes.

3 BJP MPs Bhagirath Choudhary, Devji Patel, Narenadra Kumar out of 7 MPs Contesting, Lost in Assembly Elections.

Ashok Gehlot Resigns as BJP leads 117 seats

Congress National Spokesperson Gaurav Vallabh Lost Against Tarachand Jain of BJP From Udaipur City.

Fire Brand BJP Leader and Current MP Home Minister Narottam Mishra Trails by over 7000 Votes against INC Candidate from Datia. 

Results are unexpected but we accept Defeat- Ashok Gehlot.

We Bow to Janta Janardan- PM Modi Tweets.

As per ECI Trends by 4:15, In Chhattisgarh BJP leading 56 seats with 46.32% of Total Votes.

As per ECI Trends by 4:15, In MP BJP leading 166 seats with 48.83% of Total Votes.

As per ECI Trends by 4:12, BJP Secured 41.85% Votes while INC got 39.49% of Total votes In Rajasthan.

Balak Nath, Pratap Puri and Bal Mukund Acharya, All Three Monks of BJP Registered Comfortable Victory.

BD Kalla and Brijendra Ola Joins the List of 17 loosing Ministers of congress.

Gehlot to Offer Resignation by 5:30 Today. Jadugar ka Jadu Khatam ho Gaya, Says Gajendra Singh Chouhan.

As per the Election Commissions Latest Trends, Congress is Leading only 70 Seats out of 199, While its Archrival BJP is Coming Back to Power with a Thumping Majority

Biggest Breaking Congress Ministers Govind Ram Meghwal and Bhanwar Singh Bhati Lost Elections, Pratap Singh Khachariawas Trailing by 20,000 Votes.

Telangana-INC-63, BRS-40, BJP-7 OTH-8

Madhya Pradesh- BJP- 161, INC-66, OTH-3   Chhattisgarh- BJP-55 INC-32 OTH-3 

2:00 PM- Rajasthan BJP-111, INC-72, BAP-2, RLP-2, BSP-2 OTH-10. 

BJP Winning Semi-Finals for 2024 as it leads in MP, Raj and Chhattisgarh.

BJP 7 Ahead of magic figure of 46 in Chhattisgarh, Leads Hands down in Rajasthan and MP. While INC Consoles itself in Telangana

Knife’s edge in Chhattisgarh (90 seats), Seats Increasing for BJP in Rajasthan (199 seats) while Landslide for BJP in MP (230 seats). As Congress Takes a Shy of Relief in Telangana (119 seats). Chhattisgarh (BJP-53, INC-35) Raj. (BJP-112, INC-71) MP (BJP- 169 INC-67) Telangana (INC-66 BRS-38)

12:15 PM- Game Over for Kamalnath in MP? BJP Leads 156 Seats Out of 230 Seats. BJP Against all Exit polls, Surprises in Chhattisgarh Leading 53 out of 90 Seats. Soothing News for INC from Telangana as it Leads 71 out of 119 Seats Against BRS at 34 seats.

Knife’s edge in Chhattisgarh, Seats Increasing for BJP in Rajasthan while Landslide for BJP in MP. As Congress Takes a Shy of Relief in Telangana. Chhattisgarh (BJP-48, INC-40) Raj. (BJP-109, INC-72) MP (BJP- 157 INC-71) Telangana (INC-65 BHRS-35)

Trends Indicating Towards Landslide swoop for BJP in Three States as Congress Leads in Telangana Chhattisgarh (BJP-46, INC-40) Raj. (BJP-115, INC-67) MP (BJP- 160 INC-66) Telangana (INC-60 BHRS-37)

BJP leads in Chhattisgarh, Raj and MP as INC sustains comfortable margin in Telangana. Chhattisgarh (BJP-43, INC-39) Raj. (BJP-103, INC-74) MP (BJP- 150 INC-69) Telangana (INC-58 BHRS-33)

BJP leading in Chhattisgarh (BJP-45, INC- 43), and strengthening leads in Raj. (BJP-101 INC-77) and MP (BJP-149, INC-65), while INC leads in Telangana (INC-56, BHRS-33)

Balaknath leading as BJP inches toward magic number in MP and Raj. while congress leading Telangana. Chhattisgarh is still at close call.

BJP leads in 3 States while INC heading steady in Telangana. RAJ. - BJP- 99 INC-75, MP- BJP-157 INC-57   Chhattisgarh- BJP-31 INC-28 Telangana-INC- 51 BHRS-29

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