New Promises being made each day but were the old ones fulfilled? A closer look at PM Modi's adopted village Jayapur

Hyperbolic promises are made by all political parties during elections. With the UP elections nearing so close, these promises are echoing in our ears again; promises of development, free electricity, women empowerment and employment. Wide eyed voters look up to these promises and can't help but get enamoured by these speeches. However, as the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Looking at the extent to which these words were translated to action, we take you through the roads and lanes of PM Modi's adopted villages Jayapur.
New Promises being made each day but were the old ones fulfilled?
 A closer look at PM Modi's adopted village Jayapur

During his first tenure as PM between 2014 and 2019 PM Modi adopted four villages as Model Villages under the Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana. These villages are Jayapur, Nagepur, Kakrahia and Domari in the state of Uttar Pradesh. These villages were claimed to be "adarsh villages" and promises of development and employment were made. However, as soon as the elections got over, the echo of these promises became faint and promises and policies remained limited to official papers.

Caste issues were never looked into

The plight of the villagers of Jayapur stems from the unending discrimination carried out on the grounds of caste. The society is segregated on the lines of caste and these boundaries are upheld very tightly in the village. Expressing his disdain, an elder dalit man from the village said that Dalits and poor are used as topics of debate and discussion but no real intervention is ever done to resolve caste maladies. The village still remains shackled in deeply entrenched caste based prejudices. Residents also claimed that the purple promises made by leaders were completed only on paper and the developmental programs were undertaken only for the sake of it.

Roads and Infrastructure in a deplorable condition

Frustrated at the condition of the roads, locals claimed that the roads are as broken as the government's promises and the walls of the village infrastructure are just as hollow. Electricity was also promised by the BJP and solar panels were put up too. Little did the villagers know that these solar panels are mere showpieces and weren't even connected to the battery! Corruption lies at the core of these issues and often, when money trickles down from the top, the throats of those at the bottom remain dry.

Some issues were actually addressed

However, it is important to present an unbiased picture and appreciate the construction of toilets, banking services and post offices. The Ministry of Khadi has also opened a training centre here which has 75 women employees, however, one of them reported that they haven't received their salary since the last three months. Another promise was that a dairy would be set up in the village and each household would get a cow or buffalo. This promise too, was never fulfilled.

Covid a nightmare for villagers

After the outbreak of the virus, the villagers went through a really tough time due to lack of basic healthcare facilities. As per the residents, the clinic inaugurated here never became functional and the door remains locked still. The nearest healthcare centre is 13 kms away from the village. Vaccination and covid tests were carried out effectively in the village but covid protocols were not followed during the process.

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