Hyderabad honour killing lynches possibilities of love

After the guy went beneath death, the assailant fled from the scene while the spectators decided to record the incident rather than to help the couple.
Hyderabad honour killing lynches possibilities of love
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Hyderabad on Wednesday witnessed brutal murder of a man(and also society)at Saroornagar Tehsildar office. The poor guy Nagaraju was pushed into the arms of death because he married a girl to which her family did not agree. After the guy went beneath death, the assailant fled from the scene while the spectators decided to record the incident rather than to help the couple.

As it is popularly believed(popularly disagreed as well), ’love knows no boundary’ the poor couple fell for each other and decided to get into ties in January this year. However, the bride’s(Syed Ashrin Sultana) family didn't agree to this and when the couple got married then her brother developed a ridiculous plan to assassinate the innocent guy. So far, Police have confirmed the arrests of a few suspects and all of them belong to the girl's family.
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Nobody came to help us
Syed Ashrin Sultana who changed her name to Pallavi post marriage tells in an unconscious state that her husband was being beaten brutally for around 15-20 minutes, she begged for help to everyone present there but nobody showed the courage to help the couple and the Police too came 30 minutes post to the incident, when Nagaraju had already breathed his last.
Pounced with iron rods
Ashrin further describes how her brother turned goon attacked Nagaraju. She said that they were on their scooty and were crossing the road, as they stopped at a signal, her brother Syed Mobin Ahmed along with his other accomplices reached there and started beating Nagraju until his death. The goons beat Nagaraju with iron rods, stabbed him with knife murdered their humanity and ensured a zero possibility of survival for the poor guy.
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Tried best to save their lives
Ashrin belongs to a very orthodx family, her brother had tried twice to hang her before her marriage with Nagaraju. Ashrin’s mother too warned her that her brother would kill them if she would tie knots with Nagaraju. A threat which really turned true. The couple too being aware of the possible situation, informed the Superintendent of Police’s office and requested for protection and also changed the sim they had been using.
There was a lot of ruckus in the country when the issue of intolerance came into being. The nation then witnessed widespread protest and heated discussion. Many intellectuals and artists argued that the nation had been intolerant over the years.
However, they were all wrong, we’re tolerant in a true sense. In every religion(even without getting into the religious scriptures) reaching out to someone and helping them has been considered as the biggest virtue and raising voice against the injustice has been considered as the biggest duty. But the streets of Saroornagar Tehsildar office saw nothing that day, do you know why? Because we are tolerant, such incidents do not disturb us.
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Our society speaks of Ganga Jamuna tehzeeb, but itself proves it as a myth. This is not a case of Honour Killing, this is an example as to how a person turns psycho when their useless ego gets destroyed for no reason. This is an example of how we as a society have progressed in the past 75 years. This is an example as to how we’ve failed as humans.

Nagaraju and Ashrin
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What can we do
We are good for nothing, we can only go against cinema, as it is an easy medium to target, we can never get into action when it's really required. Anyways, keep watching.

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