Here’s the reason why People have been reacting over Rahul’s visit to Nepal

Rahul recent visit to a pub party of his friend got into news and the former president went into the target of netizens
Here’s the reason why People have been reacting over Rahul’s visit to Nepal
Viral video of Rahul in Kathmandu Photo Credits :DNP India

So, after a much long time, BJP’s IT cell had found yet another reason to aim at their favourite hotspot, i.e. Rahul Gandhi. This time the IT cell is busy targeting Gandhi for his visit at a pub in Nepal. Surprisingly,(actually not that surprising) the issue found its base and created a lot of buzz and the netizens decided to get into someone’s private space.

Gandhi, also an MP from Wayanad, went into news after a video of him went viral in which he was partying with his associates. As the video went viral, BJP’s social army reacted on the issue in one stroke. Many of its leaders including those in the cabinet took a dig at Gandhi for partying.

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Partying when the party is in crisis
One of the leaders from BJP and also serving as national convener for the IT cell of the Party reacted over the issue stating Rahul parties at a time when his party is exploding. Quoting his tweet, it further reads as “Rahul Gandhi was at a nightclub when Mumbai was under seize. He is at a nightclub at a time when his party is exploding. He is consistent.Interestingly, soon after the Congress refused to outsource their presidency, hit jobs have begun on their Prime Ministerial candidate”

Not just Malviya, but senior BJP leader and Union Minister Kiran Rijiju too reacted over the internet by saying,” Regular Parties, Vacations, Holidays, Pleasure Trips, Private Foreign Visits etc are nothing new to the nation now. As a private citizen there's no issue at all but when an MP, a permanent boss of a national political party who keeps preaching others....."

However the list doesn't go to an end here, many leaders across the nation took the issue hand in hand and questioned apparently what the hell the MP of Wayanad was doing there.

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However, when the issue captured much attention, the party then responded over it. Senior Congress leader and spokesperson Randeep Surjewala responded over the issue and told that the former President went to a wedding of his friend. Surjewala further slammed by saying ,”It has still not become a crime in this country to attend a marriage. Maybe after today, the BJP may decide (if) it is illegal to attend a marriage and a crime to have friends.”
But why with Chinese Diplomat
It was believed that the lady seen in the video was Hou Yanqi, a Chinese Diplomat, who stood against India in Nepal's political crisis. However, the lady believed to be a Chinese diplomat in the viral video is wrong. As per the investigation done by India Today’s Anti Fake News War Room over the viral post, it states that the lady seen in the video was not Hou Yanqi but a friend of the bride.
Sumnima Udas
Who is Sumnima Udas
BJP leaders and netizens also reacted as to how Gandhi could have ties with someone who supports Nepal’s claim over regions of India’s Uttarakhand. It must be noted here that Gandhi attended the wedding of Sumnima Udas who had been a former correspondent with CNN, Delhi from 2001-2017. Also she’s daughter of Bhim Udas,who had been a former ambassador to Myanmar.
Why this Ruckus then? This question holds no answer to this. However, in our country, people with social life hold a special reputation to which some might disagree. Celebrities here are considered as the most ideal person for them, someone who could never disappoint them. Gandhi had been presently facing a lot of challenges, both for his party and him as well, hence he should have avoided such visits.

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