CM and 76-61% Budget of the Capital to improve the Road in his Minister’s Home District

Spending in Jodhpur Quota will more than Jaipur: state government has allocated a Budget of Rs 1,000cr to Repair the dilapidated Urban roads during Monsoon.
CM and 76-61% Budget of the Capital to improve the Road in his Minister’s Home District
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The state government has allocated Rs 1,000cr to repair the dilapidated urban roads during the monsoon. Budget allotment looks at capital repairing. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Urban Development Minister of the streets of Jaipur are the Shanti Dhariwal home district Jodhpur and Kota. Jaipur in this budget to 75.59 percent Jodhpur, while quotas have more money allotted 61.45 percent. The BJP has alleged bias in the allocation of the funding. Puneet Karnawat, Deputy Mayor of Jaipur Municipal Corporation Greater, said that ​​Jodhpur and Kota's cities are much less than Jaipur.

Cheating the People of Jaipur City

Still, by giving so much budget to these two cities, the Congress government is cheating the people of Jaipur city. He said that the government, especially along with the people of Municipal Corporation Greater, was doing this to avenge the defeat of the Municipal Corporation elections. Kota Municipal Corporation North has got Rs 18.80 crore, and Municipal Corporation South has earned Rs 26.98 crore out of the budget allocated for the repair of roads to the urban bodies of the state by the Directorate of Autonomous Government.

Image credit: The financial express
Image credit: The financial express

Similarly, Rs 27.40 crore has been given to Jodhpur Municipal Corporation North and Rs 22.05 crore to Municipal Corporation South. Rs 15.93 crore has been sanctioned to Jaipur Municipal Corporation Heritage and only Rs 12.42 crore to Municipal Corporation Greater. In this way, both the municipal corporations of Jaipur have got a total budget of Rs 28.35 crores. The corporations of Kota 45.78 and Jodhpur Rs 49.78 crores.

A total of one thousand crores given to 213 bodies

The state government has sanctioned funds for road repairing to all the municipal corporations, municipal councils, and state municipalities, including Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Kota. In all these 213 urban bodies, this amount is of a total of Rs 1 thousand crores. In this, 30 km of main roads in the municipal area, 20 in the city council area, and 10 km in the municipal area to be repaired.

Rs 194.43 crore has to be allocated to 10 municipal corporations in the state, Rs 192.94 crore to 34 municipal councils, and Rs 610.48 crore to 169 small municipalities. Road repairing work at all these places will be done through the Public Works Department (PWD) and not the municipalities.

The area is also half, and the population is minor, yet the budget is more.

The population of both the municipal corporations of Jaipur is very high in both municipal corporations of Jodhpur and Kota. Kota and Jodhpur Municipal Corporation areas together have about 15 lakh voters. At the same time, there are approximately 12.50 lakh voters in Jaipur Greater alone. Apart from this, there are around 9.50 lakh voters in the heritage area. There are 150 wards in Kota municipal corporations and 160 communities in both the corporations of Jodhpur. At the same time, there are a total of 250 wards in Jaipur corporations.

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