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Image Credit: Vox

Would You Love to Wear a Rs 13000 Luxury Face Mask

Around one crore 60 lakh people have fallen in the world and more than 6 lakh 43 thousand people have died due to coronavirus.

The coronavirus epidemic has caused a furore all over the world. Around one crore 60 lakh people have fallen in the world and more than 6 lakh 43 thousand people have died. This epidemic has changed the way people live in the world. Research is going on worldwide to make its vaccine. Until the vaccine is made, only the face mask is considered as an effective way to avoid it.

Different types of face masks are being made around the world. In India, where Khadi and gold face masks are made. There are luxury masks made in Belgium. They cost from 75 to 160 euros. Means the cost of expensive masks is around 185 dollars i.e. 13000 rupees. Wearing a mask is not only necessary to avoid the virus but it is also a fashion statement.

Belgium Goes Ahead With Innovation in Masks

Image Credit: CNN International
Image Credit: CNN International

In the Corona era, masking has become the need of everyone. In view of this, Belgian designers have transformed medical masks into chick accessories. Brussels stylist Audé de Woolf has designed a scarf mask using linen, cashmere and other high-quality materials. As such, the mask has been linked to the luxury shawl.

Where did you get inspiration from?

De Wolf has made 1500 masks for hospitals for free. He said I got inspiration from my mother because she doesn't like her neck. You can remove the mask while you are in the car and reapply during shopping. You can say that this is a luxury product. She is selling masks at 160 euros per piece.

High Fashion

Image Credit: Win 98.5
Image Credit: Win 98.5

Fashion garment and accessory maker Olivia Hainaut is now showing her talent in making masks. She is making masks from materials such as sequins, gems and silk flowers. Their price starts at 75 Euro. The price of the mask depends on how much work is in it and whether the material is used.

These Masks are Not for Daily Use

Olivia says that these masks are not meant to be worn daily. You can wear these at any party, wedding or special occasion. The idea behind this is that in the Corona period some happiness can be brought to the face of unhappy people. Belgium is famous for carving diamonds around the world.

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