Madhya Pradesh Youth Climbed Tree to Avoid Covid Vaccine in Rajgarh

In Rajgarh district of Madhya Pradesh, a strange case has come to the fore regarding non-implantation of corona vaccine.
Madhya Pradesh Youth Climbed Tree to Avoid Covid Vaccine in Rajgarh
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People are taking the vaccine as a weapon to protect against corona. A large number of people are reaching the vaccination centers, but there are no fewer rumors and confusion among the people regarding this. Due to this people are avoiding getting the corona vaccine. The latest case is from Madhya Pradesh. Here a young man did not take the vaccine himself, but also stopped his wife from taking the vaccine. Not only this, the young man climbed the tree with his wife's Aadhar card.

Youth Climbed a Tree to Escape the Vaccine

Actually, in Patan Kala village of Rajgarh district, a young man climbed a tree to escape the vaccine. The young man did not land until the vaccine was over at the vaccination center. Kanwar Lal, who lives in the village, was being called to the vaccination center to get the vaccine, but the youth did not reach for the vaccine. After this, people reached his house and requested him to go to the vaccine center, yet he was not ready to go.

Husband ran away from home with wife's Aadhar Card

According to media reports, the youth of the village Kanwar Lal were not ready to get the dose. The villagers appealed to him several times to get the vaccination, but he did not agree to listen to anyone. After this, people prepared his wife to be vaccinated and took her to the vaccination center. Meanwhile, Kanwar Lal came to know about it. He left the house with his wife's Aadhar card and climbed a tree. The villagers asked her several times to get down, but she did not listen to anyone. He landed after the vaccination at the center was over.

The Young Man is Confused by the Rumours

Young man Kanwar Lal has fear in his mind that getting vaccinated causes high fever, body ache and cold and later troubles. For this reason, he refused to take the dose for himself and his wife.

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