Hindu Family Assaulted for taking Water from Mosque in Pakistan

Since the partition of India-Pakistan, there has been a large Hindu population, but this population is forced to live on the margins.
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Image Credit: DB

The barbaric incidents with the minority Hindu population in Pakistan are not taking its name to stop. A Hindu farmer family was held hostage and tortured for taking drinking water from a mosque in Punjab province here. The incident is of Kahoor Khan, a settlement located at Chak-106 of Rahim Yar Khan district. Hindu rights activist Petter John Bhel told Dainik Bhaskar that the incident happened a few days ago. Alam Ram Bhil works in a cotton field with his wife and children. Feeling thirsty, he took water from the tap of the mosque. On this the landlords took the whole family hostage, accusing them of desecrating the mosque.

Kept the family captive for several hours

Petter said that the landlords held the family hostage for hours. Later released after the intervention of local elders.' Senior advocate of the area Farooq Rind says that we are also from the Basti Kahoor area. Bhils have been living here for more than a century. The accused landlords have been involved in violence and beatings in the past as well. Yudhishthira Chauhan, general secretary of Pakistan Tehreek-Insaf (PTI) party's South Punjab minority unit. He said, "The incident is in our notice, but we did not intervene due to the influence of the MP. The influential accused are close to the ruling PTI MP.

Image Credit: Wikimedia
Image Credit: Wikimedia

That's why initially the police hesitated to write the report. In protest, the local Bhil community sat on a dharna. Eventually, the police registered a report on the complaint of Alam Ram Bhil, the head of the victim's family. Alam Ram mob, the head of the victim's family, while talking to the media persons said that he is grateful to the dispute resolution committee along with the local elders who helped his family a lot in the said matter. I want to thank all those elders (Hindu, Muslim) who helped us and made it easier for us to get justice. Some people are mixing space between us.

The entire population is on the margins.

Social activist Petter says such incidents against the Hindu community should be stopped. There are more than 200 Hindu villages here. Since the partition of India-Pakistan, there has been a large Hindu population, but this population is forced to live on the margins. From time to time, we have been urging government officials to take strong measures to protect the lives and properties of communities across the country.

Image Credit: Gulf News
Image Credit: Gulf News

Extremists had demolished a Hindu temple.

In August too, a Hindu temple was badly damaged by a mob attacking a Hindu temple in Bhong town of this district. After this attack, a large number of Hindu population left the area in panic and went to their relatives living in remote areas. Fear had spread among those people. However, the suspects involved in the temple attack were arrested and the Punjab government got the temple rebuilt.

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