Head of the Media Wing of the Afghan Government Shot Dead

Dawa Khan Minapal, the head of the media wing of the Afghan government, was killed by gunmen on Friday afternoon. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.
Image Credit: India Today
Image Credit: India Today

Dawa Khan Minapal, the head of the media wing of the Afghan government, was killed by gunmen on Friday afternoon. There was indiscriminate firing on his car in a very safe area of ​​the capital. The incident took place on Darul Aman Road, west of Kabul. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said Minapal had been punished for his actions. Actually, he used to constantly tweet the words and stand of the Afghan government. In recent times, he was openly speaking against the interference of Pakistan in the country.

Terrorists did a cowardly act: Afghan Interior Ministry

Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman Mirwais Stanikzai called the killing "unfortunate". He said that the brutal terrorists have once again done a cowardly act.

Image Credit: YouTube
Image Credit: YouTube

Investigation of places around the scene

Police and security agencies who reached the spot soon after the incident cordoned off the entire area. Nearby places and people are being investigated.

Minapal was the spokesperson of the Vice President from 2016 to 2020 Minapal was the Vice President's spokesperson from 2016 to 2020, before serving as Head of the Center for Media and Information. He was the head of the Afghan government's media and information center in Kandahar in 2015. He also worked as a journalist in Radio Azadi.

Graduated from Kabul University

Minapal was a resident of Jabul province in the south of Afghanistan. He did his graduation in Law and Political Science from Kabul University. His murder has created panic in the areas around the spot.

Image Credit: YouTube
Image Credit: YouTube

Taliban control over 223 districts

According to the Long War Journal, 223 districts of Afghanistan are controlled by the Taliban. At the same time, 17 of the 34 province capitals are directly threatened by the Taliban. The whole of Afghanistan is in danger of being captured by the Taliban. Although Afghan forces are taking on the Taliban, the US and other countries have also spoken of helping Afghanistan.

Threats to attack Afghan ministers

On Wednesday, the Taliban threatened more attacks on Afghan government ministers. In fact, on Tuesday night, he attacked Afghan Defense Minister Bismillah Mohammadi with a bomb and gun in Kabul, but he escaped in it. Eight people died in the attack and many were injured.

What and how is the Taliban?

Image Credit: BBC
Image Credit: BBC
  • From 1979 to 1989, Afghanistan was ruled by the Soviet Union. America, Pakistan, and Arab countries continued to give money and weapons to Afghan fighters (Mujahideen). When Soviet forces left Afghanistan, the Mujahideen factions came under one banner. It was named- Taliban. However, the Taliban is now divided into several factions.
  • The Taliban are 90% Pashtun tribesmen. Most of them belong to the madrassas of Pakistan. Taliban means student or student in the Pashto language.
  • There are also many Pashtuns in western and northern Pakistan. America and Western countries see them divided as Afghan Taliban and Taliban Pakistan.
  • The Taliban ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. During this time only 3 countries of the world (Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Pakistan) took the risk of recognizing its government.

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