Good News in Festive Season: Temporary Workers will Get More Employment

This is the first time since the onset of Covid-19, that such large-scale employment has been created. 12,000 jobs have been created in July.
Image Credit: HR Daily Advisor
Image Credit: HR Daily Advisor

In the festive season starting from next month, there is going to be a good day for the temporary employment i.e. gig workers. During this, these workers will get 35% more work than last year. Most of the retailers are focusing on online business.

More employment in e-commerce

In fact, companies in the e-commerce, food tech, logistics, and retail sectors will give more work to such people. This is because these companies will need more people for the delivery of goods, logistics, warehousing, packaging, and other tasks due to the increase in orders during the festive season. Due to increased demand and discounts during the festive season, companies get more orders.

Image Credit: Apexweb
Image Credit: Apexweb

Demand will increase in the festive season

Some companies surveyed on hiring say that the demand will increase in the festive season. So companies will need more people. E-commerce and logistics companies are recruiting people keeping in view the increasing demand for orders. Companies hope that people can order more goods from smaller cities.

The demand for temporary employees increased

Companies say that this year the demand for new temporary employees has suddenly increased. Compared to last year, it could be 35% more. Experts believe that in the festive season of this year, additional recruitment companies of about 3 lakh people can be done. The recruitment will be in consumer durables, logistics, lifestyle, and other segments.

Image Credit: TET
Image Credit: TET

The demand for jobs in the organized sector also increased

On the other hand, if we talk about white-collar jobs i.e. organized sector, 2.90 lakh jobs were created here in July. This is the first time since the onset of Covid-19, that such large-scale employment has been created. The maximum employment in this is included in the travel and tourism, hotel, and retail sectors. In these sectors, 12,000 jobs have been created in July.

There was a boom in job openings in July

According to the data, due to the commencement of commercial activities, there has been a rapid job opening in July. Data from the National Statistical Office (NSO) shows that the unemployment rate has increased in the country in the second quarter of 2020-21. It has been 13.3% in the quarter of September 2020. The rate was 20.9% in the first quarter of that time, the highest rate ever. This rate had increased due to the high lockdown in the first quarter.

Image Credit: ET
Image Credit: ET

The unemployment rate was 8.4% in July-September 2019

Talking about July-September 2019, the unemployment rate at that time was 8.4%. According to the NSO data, in July-September 2019, 52.1% of the jobs were held by men while 14.5% were with women as a proportion of the total worker population. That is, 33.7% of the total worker population was working. In April-June 2020, 44% of men were working while 12.2% of women had work. In July-September 2020, 49.9% of men had work while 13.6% of women had work. A total of 32.1% of people had work.

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