Friendship with Epstein is the Biggest Mistake of my Life: Bill Gates

Bill Gates regrets that spending time and friendship with businessman Jeffrey Epstein was the biggest mistake of his life.
Image credit: ANI News
Image credit: ANI News

Bill Gates regrets that spending time and friendship with businessman Jeffrey Epstein was the biggest mistake of his life. Due to which he has to bear the brunt of separation from his wife Melinda. He also said that divorce from Melinda is a never-ending sorrow of life.

Two days after the divorce was finalized, Gates admitted his mistakes for the first time in an interview with CNN. Gates said, 'I went to dinner with Epstein several times. I thought he could get millions of dollars for global health and philanthropy through his contacts. The relationship ended when it felt like there really was no such thing. But it was not right to stress Epstein's credibility by giving him time, being present with him.

Epstein committed suicide in prison

Gates said, 'There were other people in that situation, but I made a mistake. I helped Epstein several times. Epstein was charged with sex trafficking and raping minor girls.

In 2019, he committed suicide in jail. During the interview, Gates did not say anything about the allegations of abuse at the workplace but did say, 'Everyone has regrets. It is time for introspection for me. From here I need to move on. As much as we can within the family, we will fix it and take a lesson from what is happening.

Trying to maintain a partnership with Melinda

Image Credit: CNBC
Image Credit: CNBC

Gates said, 'Melinda is incredibly strong. She has been instrumental in improving the Gates Foundation. We still discuss this. Trying to keep this partnership going. Gates did not respond to a Wall Street report that claimed Gates had repeatedly discussed his marriage with Epstein. It was Epstein who advised him to divorce. Gates was concerned, however, because he knew that Epstein had been convicted of harassment before. They understood that it would cause damage, but did not think that it would be so big!

Melinda was deeply annoyed by the friendship with Epstein and the bad habits of Gates

During the interview, Gates admitted that Melinda was furious at his friendship with Epstein. He had also discussed this with his friends many times. Melinda raised the issue of Gates' workplace abuse several times. She had come to know from media reports that Gates used to chase women personnel.

She remembered them from the number plates of their vehicles. In May of this year, she learned that Gates was having an extramarital affair with a Microsoft employee when he was patiently answered. When these things started becoming public in 2019, Melinda started thinking about separating from this relationship.

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