Android Q’s Dark Mode will Work over Third-Party Apps

Google's new operating system, Android 10 Q is expected to bring in a system-wide dark mode. But how will the dark mode work over third-party apps that don't have a native dark theme?
Android Q’s Dark Mode will Work over Third-Party Apps

Android Q or Android version 10 as it is being called will see a new system-wide Dark mode. Previously XDA Developers had posted a video. Which showed the Dark mode in Android Q, and this was based on a test build of the AOSP (Android Open Source Project).

The website has now posted a detailed analysis of how Android Q's Dark Mode will work over third-party apps. Google appears to be applying the Dark mode or the Night mode across third-party apps like Slack, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc, based on the screenshots shared.

Google doesn't just want system elements to be dark themed, however. They're also working to make sure all their first-party apps support dark mode when the user flips the switch. To help developers update their apps with support for Android Q's dark mode, Google is providing a new Developer Option that seems to force all apps to change to dark mode.

Google apps like Messages, Phone, Contacts, News, Play Games, YouTube, Maps, and more have been updated with user-facing dark mode toggles, while other apps like Google Chrome are still ironing out any kinks before Google I/O 2019.

Google has also started encouraging third-party app developers to embrace dark themes in their apps because the company admits they're great for battery life (at least on smartphones with OLED displays.)

Some of these apps like Snapchat or Slack is already using the night resource qualifiers, which are needed for the Dark mode, and this ensures that the app looks great when the mode is switched on. This works even if the app does not have a dedicated night mode option in the settings.

Fortunately, Google already laid the groundwork for apps to support dark modes, and there are already many apps that look fine with Android Q's override dark mode option enabled even if the app doesn't have a user-facing dark mode toggle.

At release, Android Q's dark mode will extend to first-party Google apps, but we're hoping that third-party apps quickly adopt dark themes into their apps. Furthermore, we hope to see more apps automatically change to their night themes when the user enables the system-wide setting.

The only app I've seen that automatically changes themes when Android Q's system-wide dark mode is enabled is Google Contacts. We'll see how things turn out in a couple of months when Android Q is released, but to all developers who are reading this: embrace the dark side!

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