Manipur Violence: Woman Killed in Shooting Incident Outside Imphal West School

Manipur Violence: A woman fell victim to a fatal shooting outside a school in the Imphal West district of Manipur by unknown attackers today (July 06). This occurrence followed just a day after schools had resumed operations in the tumultuous state.
A woman was killed in a shooting outside Imphal West School in Manipur.
A woman was killed in a shooting outside Imphal West School in Manipur.Image Credit: Representational

Manipur Violence: A woman was reportedly shot and killed by unidentified individuals outside a school in Imphal West, Manipur, just one day after schools reopened in the area. 

The victim's identity and community have yet to be determined. This incident has caused fear and panic in the region following the recent reopening of schools.

The shooting occurred near Shishu Nishtha Niketan School and coincides with ongoing ethnic clashes in Manipur that have been ongoing for over two months. 

Security forces intervened in a confrontation between two armed groups from the Mapao and Awang Sekmai regions in Kangpokpi district earlier in the day.

Shishu Nishtha Niketan School
Shishu Nishtha Niketan School

Violent Attack on IRB Personnel and Implications for Internet Services

In another violent incident, a mob set fire to the house of an Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB) personnel in Thoubal district. The personnel had prevented rioters from looting firearms from a police armoury. 

Tragically, a 27-year-old man named Ronaldo was critically injured and later died while being transported to a hospital in Imphal.

Ten more people were injured during the clash, with six in critical condition and seeking medical attention.

Due to the escalating violence, the Manipur government has decided to extend the suspension of internet services in the state for an additional five days until July 10, with the aim of preserving peace and public order. 

A woman was killed in a shooting outside Imphal West School in Manipur.
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Escalating Violence and Ethnically Driven Clashes in Manipur

Internet services were initially banned on May 3 when clashes between ethnic communities began, and the ban has been extended multiple times since then.

The violence in Manipur originally erupted after a 'Tribal Solidarity March' was held in the hill districts on May 3 to protest against the Meitei community's demand for Scheduled Tribe (ST) status. 

The clashes have resulted in over 100 fatalities, hundreds of injuries, and thousands of people seeking refuge in relief camps.

Manipur's population consists of approximately 53% Meiteis, who primarily reside in the Imphal Valley, while Tribal Nagas and Kukis make up another 40% and predominantly inhabit the hill districts.

A woman was killed in a shooting outside Imphal West School in Manipur.
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