How Sardar Patel's Farsightedness Secured Lakshadweep for India

A small Indian Union Territory Lakshadweep is trending these days. It became most googled keyword on 7 January. Travel Booking sites are experiencing 10 times more traffic for Lakshadweep. These new trends started after recent visit of PM to Lakshadweep and derogatory remarks by ministers of Maldives regarding the same. But the story of merger of this small group of islands is even more interesting.
How Sardar Patel's Farsightedness Secured Lakshadweep for India
How Sardar Patel's Farsightedness Secured Lakshadweep for India

Tri Color Hoisted while Pakistan watched at bay

Oldest evidence of human existence on Lakshadweep are as old as 3500 years. Buddish Jatakas mention these islands. For a long time they were unded the control of Chera Dynasty.

It is believed that Sheikh Abedullah came to these islands in 661 and propagated Islam. Later, from Portugal to Tipu Sultan and from Tipu to Britishers controlled these islands till 1947.

During Independence and Partition when majority of States were either joining India or Pakistan no one noticed these small islands. These Muslim Majority islands are situated close to the Malabar Coast of India.

Then Home Minister Sardar Patel relaised the stratergic importance of the island group. Sardar Patel in a great display of farsightedness instructed the Mudaliyar brothers to leave for island group with ships and troops.

Ramasamy Mudaliyar was 24th Diwan of Maysore and his brother Lakshman Swamy Mudaliyar was famous doctor of the time. 

Pakistan too dispatched its navy for the lakshadweep but Mudaliyar Brothers had hoisted the India flag moments before the Pakistani Navy arrived.

Renaming to Lakshadweep

After the reccomendation of the State Reorganisation Commission the Lakshadweep was given the statue of UT. In 1973, it was renamed to Lakshadweep from Laccadiwi, minicoy and Amandiwi.

Only 10 Islands are Inhabitated, Bangaram Island has population of 61

Lakshadweep is group of 36 Islands out of which only 10 islands have human population. Bangaram island has population of 61 people while Bitra island has only 271 residents.

Lakshadweep has only one Lok Sabha seat and Mohammed Faizal of NCP represents the UT in Loksabha. 

Centeral Government appoints the Administrator for the UT. Prafful Kheda Patel in current Administrator for the UT. Prafful Kheda imposed a ban of beef eating and changed the weekly public off from Friday to Sunday.

How Sardar Patel's Farsightedness Secured Lakshadweep for India
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