Gyanvyapi Masjid: Did ASI discover Fountain instead of Shivling? know here

Amid the tight security and tensions, ASI completed the survey of the Gyanvyapi Complex. Upon completion, the Hindu side claimed that a shivling was being found in the survey.
Gyanvyapi Masjid: Did ASI discover Fountain instead of Shivling? know here
Gyanvyapi ComplexImage Source: PTI

Baba Mil Gaye

Sohanlal, from the Hindu side, made a big claim and said- Baba Mil Gaye. It must be known here that Dr. Sohanlal Shringar is the advocate of the five vadini of the Gauri episode. Lawyer Vishnu Jain too spoke to a media channel and claimed that a shivling was found inside the well and now he would ensure its protection by moving to civil court. The court upon the claim filed by the Hindu side then issued an order to seal the area.

Not shivling but a fountain: Muslim Side

Advocates representing the Muslim side slammed the claim made from the Hindu side and said that the team has found a Fountain instead of a Shivling in the well, the team, also reaffirmed the fact that they’d been satisfied with the survey. Reacting to the civil court’s order to seal the area claimed by the Hindu side, the Muslim side said they would go to High Court against the order.

Report not to be presented today

Earlier, the court had ordered Assistant Advocate Commissioner Ajay Singh to present the report over the row on 17 May, i.e. today. However, the report had not been prepared completely yet, the commissioner, thus, would be requesting some more time from the court today. Singh would present an application in front of the court and would request to issue another date to present the report to the court.

How the matter come to light?

The matter came to light after five Delhi-based women -- Rakhi Singh, Laxmi Devi, Sita Sahu, and others moved to court last year in April 18, seeking permission to worship daily at the Gyanvapi-Shringar Gauri complex. They filed a petition a regarding the same and demanded a survey of the complex. The court then ordered the ASI team to probe the claims whether there had been any relic of Hindu deities in real or not.

These are the women who filed petition over the row
These are the women who filed petition over the rowImage Source: BBC
Gyanvyapi Complex
Gyanvyapi Masjid Survey day 3: Shivling found in the well? one person removed from team on the grounds of suspicion of Data Leak

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