Government Bans 23 Dog Breeds
Government Bans 23 Dog Breeds

Government Bans 23 Dog Breeds: Check out the list

To combat the increasing number of violent dog attacks nationwide, the Center on Wednesday banned the importation, sale, and breeding of 23 “ferocious” dog breeds, deeming them to be a “threat to human life.”

The Center prohibited the importing, sale, and breeding of 23 “ferocious” dog breeds on Wednesday, citing them as a “threat to human life,” in an effort to combat the rising number of violent dog attacks that take place around the country, especially on youngsters and the elderly (sometimes even leading to fatalities).

Breeds such as Rottweilers Pitbull, Terrier, Wolf dog, Russian Shepherd, and Mastiff are considered dangerous to human life. Additionally forbidden are mixed breeds and crossbreeds.

In response to a Delhi High Court ruling, a joint team of specialists and animal welfare organizations produced a report that prompted the action. The union government was ordered by the court to make a decision on the subject within three months after engaging with all relevant parties.

 The Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying has also written to the chief secretaries of all states and UTs to ensure the implementation of the ban.

Name of Banned Breeds

Boerboel, Kangal, Central Asian Shepherd Dog, Caucasian Shepherd Dog, South Russian Shepherd, Tornjak, Sarplaninac, Japanese Tosa and Akita, Mastiffs, Rottweiler, Terriers, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Wolf dogs, Canario, Akbash dog, Moscow Guard dog, Cane Corso, and every dog of the type commonly known as a “Ban Dog” are among the breeds of dogs that are prohibited. 

“…the above dog breeds, including crossbreeds, shall be prohibited for import, breedings, selling as pet dogs and other purposes,” the letter said, citing the panel of experts’ suggestions.

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