Yogi Adityanath pays emotiona tribute to his Guru ahead of consecration ceremony

CM of UP Yogi Adityanath posted welcome messages to devotees and RSS Chief on 'x' . He also thanked PM Modi and remembered his guru on the occassion.
Yogi with PM Modi
Yogi with PM Modi

CM Yogi greeted devotees as he reached "Shri Ram Mandir Complex at Ayodhya"

"All the guest dignitaries who are coming to witness the auspicious occassion of pranpratishta of new idol of prabhu ram are welcomed and congratulated". Tweeted yogi

RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat also arrived in ayodhya to attend the pranpratishtha ceremony.

CM Yogi welcomed the RSS chief on 'x'

He also welcomed all the 'sadhus and saints' coming to attend the ceremony.

CM Yogi said under the leadership of the PM Modi, the wait of innumerable Ram devotees has come to an end. yogi wrote on 'x' "Amazing, unforgetabble, supernatural moment Today, in the dignified presence of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji," he further stated "the entire country has become 'rammay' by drowning in the ocean of faith and devotion. jai Shri Ram!"

Yogi also remembered his gurus "Mahant Digvijay nath" and Guru Mahant Avedyanath. He tweeted "On this occassion, there is an emotional Tribute to Mahant DIgvijaynath ji and Mahant Avedyanath ji Maharaj".

The consecration ceremony will start early in the morning with puja followed by pran pratishtha of Ram Lalla in 'mriga shira nakshatra', which is expected to start around 12:30 pm and end at 1 PM.

Yogi with PM Modi
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