Shocking: Sajid killed two minor Hindu kids and Drank their blood

Sajid went upstairs and slit three children while their mother was preparing tea and drank their blood, Sajid was later killed in an encounter with the UP police
Shocking: Sajid killed two minor Hindu kids and Drank their blood
Shocking: Sajid killed two minor Hindu kids and Drank their blood

On 19th March, Uttar Pradesh Police killed the main accused Sajid in an encounter in the Badaun murder case. Two minor kids, Ayush and Honey, were brutally murdered by Sajid. Shocking details of the incident have surfaced since the murder. As per reports, Sajid distracted the mother of the victims by asking her to prepare tea for him.

Both Sajid and victim lives in same colony, where mother of the slain children runs a beauty parlor from her home, and accused Sajid owns a hair salon opposite to the beauty parlor own At around 7.30 PM, Sajid went to the house of Vinod Singh, father of the deceased kids. He asked the victims’ mother to prepare tea for him.

While the mother was preparing tea, he went upstairs where the children were playing. Suddenly, he attacked the three children of Vinod with his shaving blade. Two of the kids died on the spot, while the third one, Piyush, was injured. He was rushed to the hospital, where he is getting treated for the injuries. The incident occurred only a few meters from Mandi Police Station under Civil Lines Police Lines.

The victim’s family members say that the accused Sajid and Javed slit the throats of the deceased children. The family members have said that the accused even drank the blood of the victims after murdering them.

When the police tried to catch the accused, he opened fire at them. He was shot dead in the encounter. The family said Sajid’s brother Javed was with him. The police was looking for Javed at the time this report was published. Further investigation into the Badaun murder case is underway.

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