Kabul Blast: ISIS-K Wants to Tarnish Taliban’s Image

Questions are being raised that Taliban, ISIS, and al-Qaeda are all jihadi groups and their aim is to enforce Sharia law.
Image Credit: DB
Image Credit: DB

On Thursday, 170 people were killed in a fidayeen attack in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. ISIS-K, ie Khorasan Group, has claimed responsibility for the attack. Questions are being raised that Taliban, ISIS, and al-Qaeda are all jihadi groups and their aim is to enforce Sharia law, then why did IS carry out this attack. That too when more than 150 Afghan civilians who were all Muslims were killed in the attack. This is the reason why some people are also calling it a foolish act.

Mina al-Lami, a jihadi media expert in the BBC, has given her analysis on the matter. According to him, through the Kabul attack, ISIS wants to tarnish the image of the Taliban, wants to challenge it. ISIS says that because of the secret agreement in Qatar, America has gifted Afghanistan to the Taliban by keeping them in a silver saucer. Know here some important things of this analysis of Lami.

Image Credit: ZAK
Image Credit: ZAK

The direct challenge of ISIS

The most surprising aspect of this attack is that despite getting an alert, it could not be averted. This is a direct challenge of ISIS to America and the Taliban. The Taliban want to make it clear that stability has arrived in Afghanistan on Kabul. He formed Badr 313 Brigade and Fatah Squad to protect the capital, but this attack could not be stopped.

The stupidity of ISIS

Khorasan is actually a local and old unit of the Islamic State. He has had an old, or say, enmity with the Taliban since 2014. This group feels that the Taliban, along with the US-backed Afghan army, weakened it. Now he is taking revenge. This is a challenge for the Taliban as well. However, some jihadists are calling it the stupidity of ISIS.

They say that Muslims were killed along with Americans in the attack and that is why it is harmful to Islam. Two years ago, i.e. till 2019, ISIS had a stronghold in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. Then the Taliban overthrew him with the Afghan army. This is the reason why IS calls the Taliban an American pawn.

Jealous of Taliban

Image Credit: CNN
Image Credit: CNN

ISIS was defeated in Iraq and Syria. On the other hand, the Taliban occupied Afghanistan. He was also congratulated by Islamic State at first, but later the tone changed. Now ISIS seems to have become irritated with the Taliban. On the one hand, the Taliban is on the way to create an Islamic Emirate, on the other hand, the Islamic State is disintegrating and its dream of a Caliphate State is also being shattered.

This is the reason that now he does not want to allow the Taliban to succeed and there is a possibility of further attacks like Kabul in Afghanistan. However, it is also true that due to the kind of situation inside and outside Kabul airport, ISIS got an opportunity to attack. Now he is saying that his fighters are preparing themselves for new attacks.

Al-Qaeda in trouble

Islamic State says the Taliban will now fight the real jihadists in Afghanistan and do what the US wants. ISIS was weakened by US attacks two years ago, but this year it tried to make a comeback and carried out some attacks. Al-Qaeda's position in this new war of Taliban and ISIS is strange. America is his biggest enemy.

Al-Qaeda should be happy about 13 American soldiers killed in the Kabul attack, but it is not. This is because al-Qaeda considers ISIS as its competitor and will not be happy with its success. For the time being, his supporters are hesitant to say anything. A supporter of the Syrian jihadist organization Hayat Tahrir condemned the attack. Said- ISIS is jealous of the success of the Taliban. He just wants to be in the news.

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