Drone attack in Afghanistan: America takes revenge

On Saturday morning, the US launched a drone strike in Afghanistan and claimed that the attacker had been killed.
Image Credit: Amar Ujala
Image Credit: Amar Ujala

President Joe Biden took a tough stance to quell public opinion that erupted in the US after the attack on the Kabul airport killed 13 American soldiers. He said in an angry tone that America will take revenge on those who carried out this attack. They will be found. On Saturday morning, the US launched a drone strike in Afghanistan and claimed that the attacker had been killed. But security experts here are of the opinion that this has not reduced America's challenge.

The airport was attacked by an organization named ISIS-K. According to experts, this attack has proved the apprehension that after the Taliban comes to power, Afghanistan will once again become a haven for terrorist organizations. The US already had intelligence about the ISIS-K attack. Intelligence agencies have also warned of more such attacks in the future.

Limited activities in Afghanistan

Image Credit: WSU Insider
Image Credit: WSU Insider

Experts have pointed out that ISIS-I came into existence in 2015, a year after the parent organization ISIS was organized. But in reality, it is a faction out of al-Qaeda. It was formed by terrorists from Pakistan's branches of al-Qaeda and the Haqqani faction. The English letter appearing in its name is for the Khorasan region. This region extends to the borders of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Central Asia. The purpose of ISIS-K is to establish a caliphate i.e. Islamic rule in such a large area.

ISIS-K has a difference of opinion with the Taliban on the question of establishing a caliphate. ISIS-K wants to establish a worldwide caliphate, while the Taliban wants to limit its activities in Afghanistan. When the Taliban decided to hold talks with the United States, their hatred for ISIS increased.

The system in Afghanistan

According to observers, when the US started talks during the former President Donald Trump administration, it had put a condition with the Taliban that it would not allow al-Qaeda and other groups to operate on Afghan soil. But security experts doubt the Taliban has the will or ability to deal with ISIS-K. US experts say the Taliban have acted against ISIS-K and the Haqqani network in the past. But there is no clarity on what its stand will be in a new era.

Image Credit: Amar Ujala
Image Credit: Amar Ujala

Raffaello Pantucci, a terrorism expert at the Singapore-based S Rajaratnam School of International Studies, told the British newspaper The Financial Times that now taking advantage of the Taliban coming to power, ISIS-K will try to elevate its identity. By doing this he will get more donations and new workers. He said- 'Terrorism is always anti-system and now Taliban is part of the system in Afghanistan. The conditions are therefore favorable for the rise and spread of ISIS-K. And that is likely to be the case now.

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