27-year-old Srinagar resident copies the Quran in 58 days

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], April 26 (ANI): In an attempt to have a positive mindset, Adil Nabi Mir, 27, a resident of Srinagar, copied the entire Quran in his own handwriting in 58 days.
Copying the Holy Book requires a course in Arabic calligraphy, but Mir said he has not in been touch with scholars or been trained in it earlier.
"I have not got any training in scripting nor I have written anything before. I randomly decided to write the Quran Sharif. I just wanted to learn Arabic calligraphy but since there was no one to guide me, I did not learn calligraphy. But I wrote this," said Mir.
"I was not sure if I could complete it. I did not tell anyone. I just told my grandmother about this and asked her not to tell anyone as maybe I could not complete it. Later I told this to my parents and they motivated me a lot. They told me it was a good thing and I must complete it," he added.
Mir after completing his Bachelors in Science decided to work on something that would keep him away from bad habits during the lockdown. Owing to restrictions following the scrapping of Article 370 and then the COVID-19 lockdown, he knew a lot of young men who failed to get jobs after completing formal education and got addictions.
He was thinking of something that could help him stay positive and keep himself away from bad company.
He got the idea of copying the holy book Quran in his own handwriting. He started his mission and completed it in 58 days.
"At first I was making too many mistakes. I was taking one hour in scripting one page but slowly I improved and wrote faster," said Mir.
He copied the holy script on punch sheets with lines of the Quran from which he has copied 614 pages and he scripted it on 598 pages in his own handwriting.
However, it is said that the scripting requires a course of Arabic calligraphy which is difficult to learn and takes time. But Mir scripted the Quran without having any knowledge of Arabic calligraphy which is an achievement.
After completing the scripting Mir decided to join an Arabic calligraphy course to write better in the future.
His parents and relatives support him in this initiative as this script is difficult to write. He takes hours to write one line of this holy script but he keeps trying and completed the scripting in 58 days.
"I am really proud that someone in my family is doing such great work. It is good for the whole society. Our society is nowadays involved in immoral activities. And when someone does a good deed like this, it is a great work," said Showket Sidiq, a cousin of Adil.
"It does not matter who you are. You can always do good work. Always keep trying and you will succeed one day," he added. (ANI)

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