Unlock 3.0: Gyms and Theaters, Know What Can Open After July 31

Growing Corona cases in India have brought back lockdowns in some states and cities, but the government could provide more relief
Image Credit: NorthEast India24.com
Image Credit: NorthEast India24.com

After seeing the rise of Corona cases, the state is in the mood to relax the centre and relax the lockdown. After July 31 more 'unlock' is being discussed. The central government is also preparing a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for unlocking, but a decision will be left on how much the state prohibits day-to-day activities. 

The central government is ready to give several exemptions after 31 July. Permissions to resume international flights, gyms and cinema halls, for example. All of these have been closed since the lockdown on 25 March. Let us know what relief can come in the next phase of unlocking.

International Flights can be Approved with Full Caution

The government is considering starting international flights. Passengers whose test report is negative will be allowed to board. The airport will also have an on-arrival testing facility. Earlier there were plans to resume international flights starting July 15, but the government has now decided to collect more data and set up a protocol for Surat after July 31.

Corona Test will be Done at the Airport Within an Hour

Image Credit: Skies Magazine
Image Credit: Skies Magazine

Those with negative reports will be allowed to sit on the flight. It should also not be older than in the last 48-72 hours. If the passenger shows signs of Covid-19, it will not be allowed to sit. Everyone will have to test their expenses on Arrival. For this, a rapid antigen test will be done which gives the result in about 45 minutes, its cost is about 500 rupees. Passenger clearance at the airport may extend for one to two hours.

Home Quarantine on Arrival 

At present, the central government has not made a plan to keep passengers in the home quarantine at Arrival. If there is a positive test at a passenger flight arrival, then one has to stay in the Qatarin at his own expense.

There will be an Age Limit in Cinema Halls

Image Credit: The Guardian Nigeria
Image Credit: The Guardian Nigeria

Under 'unlocked' rules, the central government can also open closed cinema halls for about four months. However, at the moment only the audience from 15 to 50 years of age will be given entry into the theatre. The seating plan will also be such that social distancing can be followed.

Fitness Lovers may get Good News

Gyms and fitness centres can also be opened from 1 August provided all security arrangements are made there. According to one official, "Security will be the responsibility of both the institute and the citizens".

Confusion about the Opening of a School/College

The most difficult decision under 'unlock' is proving to be the opening of educational institutions. Until now many models of resumption of schools and colleges have been discussed but no consensus has been reached. Currently, they can be kept closed by the Central Government.

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