Top 10 Dream Vacation Places to Add to Your Bucket List

If you want to make your vacation memorable, then we have come up with a list of few vacation places you must visit once. So, pack your bags now.
Top 10 Dream Vacation Places to Add to Your Bucket List
Top 10 Dream Vacation Places to Add to Your Bucket List

There are many beautiful places to visit in India.  If you are also planning to visit a place that not only gives you peace of mind but is also budget-friendly, then we have come up with a list of few vacation places you must visit once. So, pack your bags now.

Here's the top 10 places you should visit:

  • Kasol

Situated in the hills of Himachal Pradesh, Kasol is quite famous for its beauty. This place is also called heaven on earth. The sound of river springs will give you peace of mind.

KasolImage Credit: HerZindagi

Kasol is located about 42 km away from Kullu which is at an altitude of about 1640 meters. Even though it is a smaller place than other hill stations, but in terms of beauty, it is the most different. Visiting here, you will feel yourself very close to nature.

  • Mussoorie

Mussoorie is among one of the most beautiful hill stations in the world. Due to its beauty, the place is also known as the Queen of Hills. It is located at a distance of about 35 km from Dehradun.

MussoorieImage Credit: TravelTriangle

This place is quite peaceful and beautiful to visit. The hill station is in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan range. This hill station also features some of the prestigious educational institutions of India, stately hotels, cozy cafes, old taverns, estates, churches, buildings, offices, bustling markets and tourist spots to lure visitors.

  • Goa

If you want to choose a beautiful place on a low budget then Goa is a great option. At a very low price, you can visit this place and enjoy the beauty of the state.

GoaImage Credit: Wikipedia

Goa is famous all over the world for its beautiful beaches. The superb seafood of this place is the specialty here, which is enough to win your heart. Whoever comes to this place gets lost in the beauty of this place.

  • Alwar

One of the most visited tourist places in Rajasthan, Alwar is quite famous for its heritage and castles. It is situated in the middle of the Aravalli hills. The ancient name of Alwar used to be 'Shalvpur'.

AlwarImage Credit: Outlook India

The places of interest here include the famous Sariska Tiger Reserve. The state is famous for beautiful lakes, magnificent palaces, magnificent temples, magnificent monuments and huge forts. The beauty of Alwar attracts foreign tourists the most.

  • Coorg

Coorg located in Karnataka is popularly known as Scotland of India. This place is one of the famous tourist destinations of the country. Everyone is surprised to see the beauty of this place nestled amidst the hills.


Every year lakhs of tourists from all over the country and abroad visit this beautiful hill station nestled in the plains of the Western Ghats in Karnataka. Apart from this, the chirping of birds attracts people towards them.

Talking about ancient monuments, in the centre of the place, the 17th-century Madikeri Fort features 2 stone elephants at the entrance. Nearby, the domed Omkareshwar Temple is dedicated to the Hindu deity Shiva.

  • Silvassa

People were unaware of this famous place till the 19th century, but after the Portuguese government made it the capital of the state in 1885, the place became a centre of attraction all over the world.


Coming to this place, people get involved in the old art culture. The Roman Catholic Church in Silvassa has a Portuguese style of architecture. The atmosphere here will win your heart. Coming to this place, you will enjoy staying amidst high and low cottages built on the hills.

  • Wayanad

Wayanad, a beautiful district located in Kerala, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. The lush green mountains beautify nature here. This place is very beautiful and quiet. There are many old religious temples here.

Image Credit: GettyImages
Image Credit: GettyImages

Being built in valleys, it is surrounded by mountains from all sides. In the east, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-watch, forested region with areas of high altitude, home to animals including Asiatic elephants, tigers, leopards and egrets.

  • Jaipur – The Pink City

Jaipur, popularly known as Pink city, is the capital and the largest city of the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is famous for beautiful forts, magnificent palaces and the royal Rajput heritage. Another special thing about Jaipur is that the people here are very naive and nice.

Jaipur – The Pink City
Jaipur – The Pink CityImage Credit: GettyImages

The weather of Jaipur is very hot in summer as it reaches 45 degrees or more. If you want to go here, then choose the winter season for it, as it would be the best time to visit Jaipur.

This beautiful city was founded in 1727 by the Kacchawa Rajput ruler Jai Singh II, the ruler of Amer, after whom the city is named.

  • Ooty

Ooty is a beautiful city situated in the beautiful hills of Nilgiris. The official name of this city is Utkamand, a resort town in the Western Ghats mountains, in southern India's Tamil Nadu state.


Its beauty increases due to the Nilgiri hills that surround the city. These hills are also called the Blue Mountains.

  • Yumthang Valley, Sikkim

Sikkim is a very beautiful place in itself, but the views of Yumthang Valley are mesmerizing. This place also called the 'Valley of Flowers'. Yumthang Valley, situated at an altitude of 3,564 meters above sea level.

Yumthang Valley, Sikkim
Yumthang Valley, Sikkim

Tourists from all over the country and abroad come here to enjoy the beautiful views.

Top 10 Dream Vacation Places to Add to Your Bucket List
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