Suicide Village of India- Jatinga

Suicide Village of India: India is full of mysterious and haunted places, and Jatinga is also one of the places that behold mysteries within, and this article is all about the suicide village of Jatinga, Assam.
Jatinga in Assam: Place where Birds Commit Suicide
Jatinga in Assam: Place where Birds Commit SuicideImage Credit: Since Independence

Suicide Village of India: Jatinga is a small village in the Dima Hasao district of Assam. With a great lush green environment, this village offers the pleasure of true peace to the living creatures of this land.

But apart from the lush green environment and soothing cold air of Jatinga, some mysterious activities take place every year in the village. These activities include the mysterious deaths of hundreds of birds by committing suicide.

This seems to be strange, but the people of the village reported that every year from September to December, a lot of birds commit suicide in the village, and they have no explanation for why this happens every year.

Due to this undescribed reason for committing suicides by hundreds of birds, this village came to be known as the "Village of Suicide".

Suicide Village of India: Does this mass suicide relate anyhow with evil spirits?

For many years, the people of the village have believed that the reason for the mysterious suicides is evil spirits that reside in the village.

But with the uprising of science and the modern world, Ornithologists (Person who studies birds) examined and researched this village of Assam.

Jatinga: Suicide Village of Assam, India
Jatinga: Suicide Village of Assam, India

According to Ornithologists, the birds like Kingfishers, Pond Heron, and Tiger Bittern are subjected to such strange behavior.

It has also been noticed that most of the birds commit suicide during the late monsoon season in Jatinga as several of the water bodies are flooded by that time, which results in the destruction of the birds' nests in the village.

Apart from that, the local villagers also noticed that the birds look dazed, and disoriented and end up crashing into trees, lights, and buildings during these months in Jatinga.

Suicide Village of India: History of 1988 flood in Jatinga

Even if we go back in time, the 1988 flood attack of Assam was the time when the number of suicides was at its peak in Jatinga. However, what's curious was that long-distance migratory birds were not affected by this at all.

History of 1988 flood in jatinga
History of 1988 flood in jatinga

So if you are one of those who likes to know the spooky stories of the most mysterious places of India, then this is one of the places you must visit.

Frequently asked questions


What is the mystery of Jatinga village in Assam?


The village is famous for the undescribed deaths of birds through suicides.


In which district of Assam is Jatinga located?


Jatinga village is located in the Dima Hasao district of Assam in India.

Jatinga in Assam: Place where Birds Commit Suicide
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