Some Easy Exercises to Stay Fit During Winters

You will feel healthy and fresh if you adopt these simple exercises during winter season.
Some Easy Exercises to Stay Fit During Winters

Workout in winter is a big challenge. There is so much variety of food and drink that it is a big challenge to keep oneself away from them. So if you are also troubled by these things, then by doing these exercises at home, you can remain healthy and fit. So let's have a look at these exercises.

1. Squats:

 It is a full body exercise, which is beneficial for muscles of thighs, hips, hamstrings and buttocks. At the same time, it helps in strengthening bones, ligaments and lower body in a strong and perfect shape.

2. Pushups:

This is a very good exercise. In this, with the help of the shoulders, lift the body up and touch the ground below. It strengthens pectoral muscles (chest), triceps and anterior deltoids. To do this, lying on your stomach in the ground, raise your front body above the ground while emphasizing your hands. Raise the entire body as high as possible, keeping the palms on the ground and emphasizing the feet. Arms and shoulders should be straight. Wait a second, then push the body downward, turning the elbows. Repeat this 15 times.

3. Crunches:

This exercise is best for flat abs. For this, fold your knees and lie straight on your back. Then fold your hands and keep the palms under the head. The elbows should be parallel to the shoulders. Support the neck with your hands. Keep the neck in a straight line. Try to lift your waist from the ground. Lift the waist up while supporting the shoulders from the ground. Feel the strain on the muscles of the lower abdomen. Repeat this 15 times.

4. Skipping (Rope Jumping):

This is a very old and traditional exercise, which almost everyone must have done in their childhood. This is a great exercise to burn calories and stay in shape. Skipping 20-30 minutes daily can help you burn calories.

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