If you are also Troubled by the Problem of Hair Loss, Follow this Diet Plan

Hair loss, weakening is a common problem nowadays. This can happen to people of every age group. If you are also worried about this, then you can make your hair healthy by including these selected things in your diet.
If you are also Troubled by the Problem of Hair Loss, Follow this Diet Plan

New Delhi: Rapidly changing lifestyle, food and running routines have a negative effect on our body. But do you know that it affects our hair the most. Hair is considered a measure of beauty, especially for women. But due to not taking proper care of them, hair starts falling apart. If you are also facing the problem of hair loss, then let us tell you the easy and safe way to keep your hair healthy….

Your diet has the greatest effect on hair. If your diet is not right, no matter what age you are, the problem of hair can happen to everyone.

Including these things make Hair Healthy

Vitamin B complex – First of all, include vitamin B complex in your diet. This provides oxygen to the scalp and hair roots. It also makes hair grow. After taking B complex, the effect starts in a few days. This damage is also very helpful for hair repair and shining. Chicken, salmon and tuna fish are considered to be the best sauces of vitamin B complex.

Protein– Protein is very important for hair growth and new hair. Beans, nuts, milk and milk products, fish, eggs, chicken and whole grains have a lot of protein.

Folic Acid – Due to deficiency of folic acid, hair starts to turn white and you start getting old before time. Lentils, avocado, broccoli, spinach, peas, dried beans, turnips, okra, greens, citrus fruits and juices are known to be good sources of folic acid.

Biotin– Biotin deficiency is also a reason for hair loss. Biotin levels can be maintained using eggs, fish oil, almonds, milk and milk products, whole grain and soy.

Zinc– Zinc eliminates the problem of dendruff, dry scalp and hair loss in the hair. Zinc is found in plenty in nuts, whole grains, meat, seafood and lentils.

Copper – If your hemoglobin level is correct, then you will not have hair loss. For this, copper is necessary in the body. Copper increases the production of hemoglobin in the body. This carries oxygen to the scalp and hair roots. Copper is found in plenty in sesame seeds, soya, cashew, meat and seafood.

Iron– Iron deficiency causes hair roots to weaken. This causes hair to break. To meet iron deficiency, add spinach, soybeans, lentils, rajma, chicken, meat, eggs and fish to your diet and look amazing.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C helps in holding hair tissue as well as it is also helpful in collagen production. Due to lack of vitamin C, hair starts to break down a lot and falls. If you want to maintain the level of vitamin C, then from today you can start consuming oranges, lemons, berries, watermelons, tomatoes, berries.

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