Chudail Baudi in Himachal: Ever Known Facts About This Haunted Place

Chudail Baudi in Himachal: Shimla, one of the most beautiful cities in India is full of adventure and natural habitat. But there is another part of this city that is still unknown to a lot of people, and this part contains a female in a white saree asking for a lift.
Chudail Baudi in Himachal Pradesh
Chudail Baudi in Himachal Pradesh

Chudail Baudi in Himachal: Shima, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, which was once the summer capital of British India. The city is full of hilly regions and a shower of snow throughout the year.

The city is well known for its handicrafts and hospitality by its people and carves a great piece of satisfaction to its visitors.

But there is another side of this peaceful city of Himachal Pradesh, which offers a different kind of experience that shocks people to scream out loud.

Chudail Baudi in Himachal Pradesh
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Legend of Chudail Baudi 

The Shimla highway which leads to Navbahar from Chotta Shimla is a road that has been reported with a number of accidents.

A long-haired woman in a white saree is considered the reason for regular accidents in that highway.

A lot of people reported that their cars slow down automatically even after putting a hard acceleration to it and a female asks for a lift from the vehicles every night.

Legend of Chudail Baudi
Legend of Chudail Baudi Image Credit: David Wall/Moment/Getty Images

If you resisted to give her the lift, you will find her running along the car or at the backseat of your car staring at you. Because of all this, various accidents take place usually on that road.

It is believed that an incident during the British colonial period resulted in the murder of a female in the forests of Shimla.

Scientific research in Chudail Baudi 

When this place was inspected by some scientists who came to find out why the cars were slowing down the road, they gave the reason as the high magnetic fields on the road.

Unsolved Mystry of Chudail Baudi
Unsolved Mystry of Chudail Baudi

Similarly, due to the high magnetic field in Ladakh, Cars move backward there, explaining the cause in Shimla too.

But what the scientists failed to explain was the existence of that female in the village and her reasons to ask for the lift.

This looks like quite a scripted story to scare people out, but this is all true. Well! someone has said that "We usually don't believe in things we don't see."

So the best way to find out the authenticity of this legend would be to visit the place. Good Luck...

Chudail Baudi in Himachal Pradesh
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