20 Staff Found Covid Positive in Bihar Governor House in Patna

After the Chief Minister's residence, more than one and a half dozen employees have been found Corona positive in the Raj Bhavan.
Image Credit: NewsOfBihar
Image Credit: NewsOfBihar

Corona's havoc in Bihar is out of control. Corona has not spared the coronavirus in CM house. Now at the Raj Bhavan in Patna, Corona has stirred up.

20 More Staff Corona Positive of Raj Bhavan

20 more employees of Raj Bhavan i.e. Governor houses have been found to be Corona positive. They have both security personnel and staff. As soon as the report is positive, all health security arrangements are being tightened in Raj Bhavan.

15 security staff at Raj Bhavan have already been found to be corona positive. A total of 35 security personnel have been found corona positive for Raj Bhavan so far. After the Chief Minister's residence, the spreading of Corona in the Raj Bhavan has started raising concerns on the forehead of the government.

Corona Virus Found in BJP State President

Image Credit: Sanmarg Live
Image Credit: Sanmarg Live

The condition of the coronavirus has also been found in BJP state president Dr Sanjay Jaiswal, his wife and mother. The DDC of West Champaran and the PA of DM have also become corona infected. All these have moved to Quarantine.

More Than 4 Thousand Infected Found in 4 Days

It has not come like this. More than 3 thousand corona positives have been found in 3 days even after re-locking lockdowns in more than 10 districts. Think of it as 14,330 Covids in Bihar on the afternoon of July 10. But by the night of 14 July, according to the statistics of the Health Department itself, the number of infected people had increased to 18,853. That is, 4,523 new infections were found in the past four days.

Corona Kills 32 People in 4 Days in Bihar

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The death toll from Corona in Bihar is no less frightening. These figures are from the afternoon of 10 July to 13 July. According to the Health Department, as of July 10, the death toll from Corona was 111. But according to a Health Department update on July 14, the figure increased to 143. That is, in 4 days, the coronavirus killed 32 people in the state.

The government hopes that the situation will improve in Bihar after Lockdown 5.0.

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