Putin warns of Full Scale war with NATO

Russian President Vladimir Putin warns of a possible conflict with NATO, emphasizing the risk of World War Three. Also hints towards probability use of Nuclear Weapons
Putin warns of Full Scale war with NATO
Putin warns of Full Scale war with NATO

Russian President Putin warned the West on Monday, suggesting that a direct conflict between Russia and the US-led NATO military alliance would bring the world close to World War Three. Putin has frequently highlighted the dangers of nuclear conflict but maintains that he has not considered deploying nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

Reuters reported that French President Emmanuel Macron last month said he could not rule out the deployment of ground troops in Ukraine in the future.

Responding to which Putin said “It is clear to everyone, that this will be one step away from a full-scale World War Three. I think hardly anyone is interested in this"

Putin added, though, that NATO military personnel were present already in Ukraine, saying that Russia had picked up both English and French being spoken on the battlefield.

Russia will consider taking extra Ukrainian Territory

Putin also said that if the assaults persisted, Russia would establish a buffer zone using additional Ukrainian territory to safeguard Russian territory.

Russian Premier further added "we will be forced at some point, when we deem it appropriate, to create a certain 'sanitary zone' in the territories today under the Kyiv regime,"

Putin seeks French Role in Peace Talks

 “It seems that France could play a role. All is not lost yet." said Putin while adding "I've been saying it over and over again and I'll say it again. We are for peace talks, but not just because the enemy is running out of bullets".

On alleged assassinations' of Opposition Leaders

When asked about the sudden death of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, Putin said he had simply "passed away" using Navalny's name for one of the first times in public.

Putin stated that he agreed of Prisoner swapping deal, I said: 'I am agreed'," Putin said about his approval for the prisoner swap. "I had one condition - we exchange him but he never returns."

Putin warns of Full Scale war with NATO
Putin set to secure 5th term as Russian Premier

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