Kabul Airport Reopened, US Troops Took Charge of this

On Monday, 7 people died after hanging from a US plane at Kabul airport. At the same time, American soldiers killed two armed men at Kabul Airport
Image Credit: DBP News Hindi
Image Credit: DBP News Hindi

On Monday, 7 people died after hanging from a US plane at Kabul airport. At the same time, American soldiers killed two armed men at Kabul Airport. In view of these conditions, all military and commercial aircraft were stopped, but the airport was reopened late at night after 1000 American soldiers arrived. Now American soldiers are handling the management of the flights.

America will deploy 6 thousand soldiers at the airport

America has said that it will deploy 6,000 of its soldiers at the airport so that civilians can be evacuated safely. There is a stampede-like situation at Kabul airport right now. Thousands of people have gathered there to leave the country. There are also many who have reached the airport without taking any luggage.

Taliban searching door to door for Afghan employees, security forces

Image Credit: The Diplomat
Image Credit: The Diplomat

After the complete capture of Afghanistan, the fear of the Taliban is visible there. There has been a stampede everywhere from the airport to leave the country. Fearing the Taliban, the police and security forces personnel have taken off their uniforms. They left their homes and went underground. The Taliban has launched a door-to-door search for employees, police and military officers, journalists, and people associated with foreign NGOs.

Afghanistan will be discussed in the United Nations meeting today

The current situation in Afghanistan will also be discussed in the United Nations Security Council meeting in the US today. External Affairs Minister of India S Jaishankar will also attend this meeting. He has said that the Security Council meeting is expected to discuss the concerns of the international community. Prior to this meeting, Jaishankar also spoke to US Secretary of State Antony J Blinken.

Strict punishment for not following Taliban orders

Since the Taliban's capture of Kabul, a period of devastation, women's restrictions, and massacres have returned in Afghanistan. The Taliban have started imposing restrictions on women. Also, girls have been banned from going to school and college and women going to the office. There is a ban on leaving the house without a man. It has been made mandatory for women to wear a burqa. Strict punishment is also being given for not following the orders of the Taliban.

Shocking news came out on Monday at Kabul Airport. Sources told Bhaskar that several women who were not wearing hijab were shot near the airport. However, a Taliban source has rubbished the news. He said that these rumors are being spread to defame the Taliban.

The world's most stylish women are forced to wear the burqa

Image Credit: Reuters
Image Credit: Reuters

The women of Afghanistan are demanding freedom and sharing their pain. Afghan fashion photographer Fatima says Afghan women are considered among the most stylish women in the world, but with the return of the Taliban, they have to return to the burqa. 22-year-old Ayesha is pursuing a course in International Relations from Kabul University. She says, 'I have only two months left for my final semester to be over, but now I may never be able to graduate.'

Habiba, 26, a university student, says that the Taliban have closed schools and colleges, but burqa shops are opening. Among them too, the demand for such a thick cloth burqa is the highest, which completely covers the women. My mother is pleading that my sister and I should start wearing a burqa. The mother thinks that she will save us from the Taliban by wearing a burqa, but we do not have a burqa in our house and neither do I want to buy a burqa. Wearing a burqa would mean that I have accepted the authority of the Taliban, that I have given them the right to control themselves. I am afraid that all the achievements for which I have worked so hard will be taken away from me.

An Indian Air Force plane returned from Afghanistan carrying its citizens

According to sources, a C17 Globemaster of the Indian Air Force has returned to India from Kabul on Monday afternoon with its citizens. There are still more aircraft that are airlifting Indian citizens.

India will take every step for the safety of its citizens: Ministry of External Affairs

The statement of the Ministry of External Affairs has come on the incident in Afghanistan. India has said that we are closely monitoring the incident in Afghanistan. We will take every step to protect our citizens. There are some Indian nationals in Afghanistan who want to return and we are in touch with them.

We appeal to every Indian to return to India immediately. We are also in constant touch with the representatives of the Afghan Sikh, Hindu communities, those who want to leave Afghanistan will be given full facilities to bring them to India.

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