International Women's Day: Women- Pillars to Society

A day to celebrate the achievements of a woman and milestones of her life.
International Women's Day

International Women's Day

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8th March - The day is well known as International Women's Day. What do you think about Women? Who is she? The woman is defined as a female who is now an adult. But have you ever thought of a woman being an Iron Man? Wondering how? Let me explain. Don't stress your mind much. Just bifurcate the word female as Fe and Male. As per science, Fe stands for Iron and Male stands for man. So, females or, you can say, a woman is an iron man of the society. Isn't this interesting!

History of the Women's Day

Apart from these interesting facts, let's talk about the history of Women's day. International Women's Day is an annual global holiday commemorating women's cultural, political and socio-economic achievements. The first-ever Women's day was celebrated in 1911 but the date was fixed as 8 March in 1913. The date was fixed universally. From 1913 to 2022, it's been 109 years that women's day is celebrated consistently across the globe.

Ever since independence, it is the first time that there are more women per 1000 men, i.e., the number of women per 1000 males has surpassed the mark of 1000. According to a recent survey, India's sex ratio has improved to 1020 females on every 1000 males. After independence, that is, in 1951, this figure was 946 and by 2015, this figure of women had reached 991 compared to men.

#MeToo Movement in India

<div class="paragraphs"><p>MeToo Movement in India</p></div>

MeToo Movement in India

Women have been strong ever since. Rewind your memory to the #MeToo movement back in October 2018. It was a global movement against sexual abuse and harassment where women stood for themselves and reported several men against their actions. Many renowned names were also taken in this campaign.

Opinion of Anita Hada about women being empowered

Everyone talks about women being empowered on the occasion of International Women's Day. On asking about the opinion if she feels like is there a need of empowering women or they are already empowered. Anita Hada, a successful woman replied in conversation with Since Independence, "When taken this question on a very personal and spiritual level, I feel like it is like a seed. The plant is right there, It requires nurturing, the right environment for it to bloom, burst open. So like a seed, the women are already empowered." She also believes that on a social and structural level, a woman needs empowerment as the reality of a woman is far away from the definition. Making my parents proud is enough for me to live.

#BreakTheBias- Theme of IWD 2022

Every year a theme is selected for the celebration of Women's Day. The campaign theme for the year 2022 is #BreakTheBias which indicates a gender-equal world; a world free of prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination. A diverse, fair and inclusive world, and a world where differences are valued and celebrated.

On the occasion of International Women's Day, Since Independence wishes its female readers a very Happy Women's Day.

By: Poorvika Agrawal

<div class="paragraphs"><p>International Women's Day</p></div>
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