Venomous Snakes in Bhilwara: One Drop of Venom of ‘Rasal Viper’ Can Kill 60 People

Bhilwara district has four of the most dangerous snake species in the country. These four species are so dangerous that the victim dies within seconds after their sting
Image Credit: Patrika
Image Credit: Patrika

Bhilwara district has four of the most dangerous snake species in the country. These four species are so dangerous that the victim dies within seconds after their sting.

Species of Krait, Russell Viper, Sa Russell, and cobra snake are found in the Bhilwara district. These are the species of snakes, which are included in the list of the 11 most dangerous snakes in the country.

The angriest and dangerous of these is 'Russell Viper'. It attacks a person standing 5 feet away and stuns him in an instant. Its poison is so dangerous that it causes swelling on the body, causing kidney failure. Talking about the district, 1 thousand people have lost their lives in three years due to the bites of these 4 dangerous snakes.

Five cases were reported this season

Along with the rains this year, cases of snake bites are also coming to the fore in Bhilwara. There have been five snake bite cases of the season. In the year 2018, 508 people were bitten by these poisonous snakes in 2019, 253 in 2019, and 551 in 2020.

Cobra snake: Found in all parts of India. In Rajasthan, it is also called Nag. It is quite poisonous. In the case of snakebite, maximum death is caused by cobra bite. It contains a synaptic neurotoxin and cardiotoxin poison. Shortly after a cobra bite, the body's neuro system stops working and becomes paralyzed. The eyesight goes out due to the poison. The length of the snake ranges from 1 meter to one and a half meters.

Russell Viper: This snake looks like a python, quite dangerous. Once bitten, 120 to 250 grams of poison is released into the human body. Its poison spreads to the kidneys along with the formation of blood clots. The body swells completely and the skin begins to crack. It is so aggressive that it even bites a victim standing 5 feet away in a few seconds. Farmers working in the fields are most at risk of this snake.

Indian Krait: This is the most venomous snake in India. After its bite, the poison that comes out in one go kills 60 to 70 people. Its specialty is that it attacks people sleeping during the night and that too on their hands, feet, mouth, and head.

There is no pain after cutting it. Death occurs in sleep itself. Bhilwara has the highest number of cases of Karait attacks. This snake is very thin and long. Along with black bright color, it has a white round streak on it.

Sa Scale: This snake is most commonly seen in the hilly and rural areas of Bhilwara. Its aggression is highest from other snakes and also poisonous. It is quite short in length, looks quite dangerous because of the brown color and black and white spots on it. It comes in the category of the angriest snakes in the country.

Rescue of two to three snakes daily during rainy days

Image Credit: OhFact!
Image Credit: OhFact!

Bhilwara snake catcher Kuldeep Singh Ranawat told that during the rainy season in Bhilwara city and surrounding rural areas, they find homes and other safe places. They are rescued. It is monsoon season now. In such a situation, a lot of snakes are coming out. Every day two to three snakes are being rescued and released in the forest.

Didn't even reach home after the snake bite

On Monday, Bhoja's son Kalu had gone to graze in the forest with Gurjar goats in the Bhadu village of the Bagor area of ​​the district. The number of venomous snakes is also very high in this area. Bhoja Gurjar was also bitten by a poisonous snake. When he did not reach home in the evening, his family members went to find him. He was lying dead in the forest.

Cobra bites do not save

Jamnalal Salvi, who lives in the Gadarmal village of the district, was bitten by a cobra snake while going to the field at 6 am on November 17, 2020. Jamnalal was brought to Bhilwara Hospital at 8 in the morning, but the poison of cobra had spread in Jamnalal's body. The neuro system stopped working and he died.

The 4 most dangerous species of the country in Bhilwara

In general, 11 species of snakes are seen in Bhilwara, but out of these, 4 species are such that they come in the most dangerous snakes of the country. These include cobras, Russell's vipers, saw scales, and kraits. This species lives a lot in the forests. Many times in urban and rural areas too, they have been rescued and released in the forest.

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