The Daughter who was Thrown after Birth, will Remain in UAE:

5 Hours after Birth, she was found Crying in a Pool of water, now the Engineer couple arrived from Abu Dhabi to pick her up, first took the Daughter - then handed over the Passport

The Daughter, who was thrown into a pool of water immediately after birth in Bansur, Alwar, two years ago, has now become Lakshmi of the engineer's house living in Abu Dhabi. An NRI couple, currently living in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, has adopted 2-year-old Anshul, which was thrown away by his parents after birth two years ago. Now she will grow up in Abu Dhabi. The adoptive couple is very happy to have this daughter.   


Found in Bansur 2 years ago In a village of Bansur  

Two years ago, in the early morning, a newborn innocent was left wrapped in a cloth in an empty water tank. Which was kept in the observation home in Alwar for two years. Now NRI, resident of Jabalpur, MP, adopted Anshul through the State Expert Adoption Agency. Now Anshul's name has also changed.   

Daughter Handed over on September 2, Passport on 20 On September 2  

A 2-year-old daughter was handed over to the NRI couple. After that, on September 20, in a program organized in Alwar through Social Justice and Officers Department, Minister of State for Labor and Alwar Collector Nannumal Pahadia made and handed over the adopted Daughter's Passport. Now the family will take him to Abu Dhabi after getting his visa made on the basis of his Passport.   

In about a year and a Half   

State experts in charge of the adoption agency said that the process of adoption takes a lot of time. In a way, this system works at the international and national levels. Like this couple applied through AFA. Which proceeded through the national agency CARA. According to the couple's choice, they got the Rajasthan state. His number came in Alwar in Rajasthan. First, the couple saw the baby. When they liked Then, the online process proceeded. After the completion of all the procedures, on September 2, she was adopted as a baby. It took about a year and a half to reach this process. Even after the adoption, the agency monitors for the next two years.   

The Matter also Reaches the Family court.  

The Matter also goes to the Family Court as part of the adoption process. There the whole process happens. After this, the approval of the adoption is obtained from the court. Then the baby is adopted. Children are adopted through this process across the country. 

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