Politics on Dravyavati River in Jaipur, Khachariyawas Visited and Counted the Faults of JDA

The works that have been stalled for 3 years in Dravyavati have not been able to gain momentum, yes, the disputes definitely got swept away.
Image Credit: DB
Image Credit: DB

The works that have been stalled for 3 years in Dravyavati have not been able to gain momentum, yes, the disputes definitely got swept away. The then CM Vasundhara Raje's dream project got worse in the Congress government. The government started several new projects, but the riverfront covering the entire city lost focus. As soon as Raje posted this on social media, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathod, Ramcharan Bohra also surrounded the government.

Heard about unfinished tasks

Image Credit: Zee News
Image Credit: Zee News

The Congress did not respond to this, but on the very next day, Transport Minister Pratap Singh visited the riverfront and took a dig at the JDA officers. Heard about unfinished tasks. Along with this, the Director Engineer of Executive Agency JDA was also present. The question is, is his visit a culmination of the former CM's post? At the same time, even if the issue is of UDH, then the orders will be run by the UDH minister only.

The city's first river is incomplete

70 crore work left, The deadline has been extended 6 times. The works were to be completed by 10 October 2018, 1470 crore project, 20 crores annual maintenance for 10 years. Due to JDA's mistake, the work is not being completed, their faults will come to the fore: Khachariyawas

Did you reach the riverfront on the post of former CM?

  • Will post…. I had gone because the people of the settlement near Mazar Dam had come. Look at the condition of Dravyavati, which is really incomplete.

Are the works incomplete in your government too?

  • Colonies were left down at some places in the work of the river… Such are the flaws. It is the fault of the then JDA engineers. The truth of those who are guilty will also be exposed. PRN money was also invested… where did it go?

The work is of JDA, if so, then say UDH minister?

  • If I call the JDA people, I will have to come. Director Engineer had also come. Dhariwalji would also like the work to be completed. say in the house.

UDH does not work for transport

The works of River Front have been almost stopped in two and a half years, former CM has raised questions?

  • He left it unfinished… we will complete it.

Is BJP giving political reasons?

  • The firm did not work as per the tender. Extra work is done in verbal order. Now ask for payment. It is not in writing… There are many such fights.

 How will the work be completed?

  • I have told the officers… will get it done.

Your minister has organized a class of officers on the spot?

  • Leave this thing… not us, ask them only.

Instead of looking at the riverfront project through a political lens, the state government should complete it from the point of view of public interest. Vasundhara Raje, former CM

The government is not serious about the rejuvenation of the river, that is why this condition of the Dravyavati river has happened again. – Rajyavardhan Rathod, MP, Jaipur Rural

The project is in disarray due to the insensitivity of the government. A letter has been written to the CM regarding this. -Ramcharan Bohra, MP, City

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