Man Dramatically Kidnapped Himself, Demanded a Ransom of four lakhs from Wife

A unique case of kidnapping has been solved in Indore, Madhya Pradesh where a man under debt, created his kidnapping drama to take money from his wife.
Man Dramatically Kidnapped Himself, Demanded a Ransom of four lakhs from Wife

Usually, all the crime serials you have seen, you can see something different. A similar case has also surfaced in Khajrana police station area of ​​Indore. A young man living in Khajrana police station area, plotting his own extortion due to debt problems, demanded a ransom of four lakh rupees from his wife and bother-in-law. The matter went to the police, after which the police investigated the entire case and exposed the fraud case.

On October 13, Wife Bharti Chaudhary, a resident of Khajrana police station area, complained to Khajrana police station. In the complaint, her Husband Manoj Kumar Chaudhary went to buy some goods from a nearby shop on October 10, but did not return since then. The police registered a case of disappearance on Bharti's complaint and started searching for Manoj. Meanwhile, hostage photos were sent on the mobile of an acquaintance living in Uttar Pradesh from Manoj's number.

In this photo,  Manoj was tied with a rope. During this, Bharti got a call that if you want Manoj to return safely, give four lakh rupees. After the call related to the ransom, Bharti informed the Khajrana police about the whole case.

Khajrana police took caution in the whole case and sent a team to Uttar Pradesh in search of Manoj. During this time, the police received some updates, on the basis of which the police revealed the entire raid. Police arrested Manoj Chaudhary himself in the kidnapping case. Manoj Chaudhary had a loan of lakhs of rupees. In order to get rid of this, Manoj pressurized his wife and Manoj hoped that Bharti would take the ransom from his brother after hearing about the kidnapping. But the police revealed the whole case before that.The accused told police interrogation that he was fond of watching the crime serial and by seeing the same crime serial such fake kidnapping conspiracy came to mind.

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