Indra was the Mastermind of the Bhanwari Case, All 16 Accused granted Bail

In the famous ANM Bhanwari murder case of Rajasthan, everyone including the former minister, former MLA has got bail. In this case, now only former MLA Malkhan's sister Indra Vishnoi is in jail
Image Credit: Bhaskar
Image Credit: Bhaskar

In the famous ANM Bhanwari murder case of Rajasthan, everyone including the former minister, former MLA has got bail. In this case, now only former MLA Malkhan's sister Indra Vishnoi is in jail. Now the question is arising that when all the 16 accused have got bail from the court, why not Indra? His lawyer is now preparing to move the bail application in the High Court.

Experts believe that Indra was the mastermind of this case. She was betraying the family by collaborating with Bhanwari to fulfill her ambition. On the other hand, it also came to light that he had the biggest hand in Bhanwari's death.

Indra was caught with great difficulty

After the Bhanwari case, Indra had cut her abs by living anonymously on the banks of Narmada for five and a half years. Indra, a reward of five lakh rupees, was caught with great difficulty. She was caught in the year 2017 and has been in jail since then. Now preparations are being made to file a bail application on his behalf. The trial court has rejected his petition. The bail applications of all the other accused were rejected by the trial court. Later the High Court granted bail to all.

How did Indra abscond?

Indra also came into the limelight after a case of the kidnapping of Bhanwari was registered in September 2011. He was questioned for the first time by the CBI on 3 November 2011. He was questioned 6 times in a month. Then on 3 December 2011, she absconded. After Indra's secret, the CBI started the arrests, then Indra escaped to escape. There was no trace of Indra for a long time. The CBI announced a reward of Rs 5 lakh on his arrest.

Tried to auction the house, there was no one to buy

After Indra escaped, the police tried hard to find her, but she could not be traced. Eventually, an order was issued through the court to auction his house in Saraswati Nagar. This house was taken over by the state government. The process of auctioning it was done many times, but no buyer came forward for fear of Indra. This house is still in the possession of the state government. There was no effort from Indra to get rid of it.

Indra was caught after absconding

Image Credit: Amar Ujala
Image Credit: Amar Ujala

Finally, in June 2017, a special police team caught Indra on the banks of the Shipra river in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh. Udaipur ATS post was the first to get the news of Indra being in Dewas. He was monitored for two months. Due to the passage of five and a half years and being in poor condition, Indra's photo could not be recognized on the basis of her photo. Eventually, the police caught Indra.

Shelter in a house

Indra had taken shelter on the banks of the Shipra river with a friend of hers. This family knew his father and had settled in Dewas from Marwar about 55 years ago. In his house, Indra was becoming a sannyasin. To avoid the police, he had stopped using mobiles and even ATMs.

For this reason, it is considered to be the mastermind

Bhanwari Devi had a relationship with Mahipal Maderna, a former minister. He also had his CD with him. Bhanwari is also said to have had relations with Indra's brother and former MLA Malkhan Singh Vishnoi. He also had a daughter. Bhanwari was threatening to demand the rights of that daughter. Once Bhanwari even went to the police station demanding to get her daughter's rights. From there Indra took him back. Indra stopped him at every step.

This was Indra's plan

Indra also wanted to get Maderna's CD, which was with Bhanwari. His motive was that on the basis of this, Maderna would be discharged from the post of the minister and his brother would become a minister. After this, Indra discussed with her brother Malkhan and Parasram and prepared a plan to kidnap Bhanwari. So that the CD could be obtained from Bhanwari by kidnapping, but after the kidnapping, the events turned so fast that Bhanwari was murdered. After this Indra's entire plan was shelved.

Indra had done Bhanwari's husband in her favor

Image Credit: Patrika
Image Credit: Patrika

It is also alleged that Indra gave Rs 10 lakh to her husband Amarchand after Bhanwari's murder. He was prepared to accuse Minister Maderna of Bhanwari's murder. At the behest of Indra, Amarchand lodged a case against Maderna and himself started agitation for justice. Indra's plan was to get Maderna implicated in Bhanwari's murder and make her brother Malkhan a minister.

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