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Beat Boxer Anjali Yadav & Rapper Tanaya Become Star on Social Media Instagram

The special pair of Tanya Yadav alias Tanaya D, a resident of Gorakhpur, UP and Anjali Yaduvanshi (AJ), a resident of Bihar, is making a splash.

Two students studying Mass Communication at Apex University in Jaipur have become the best women on social media these days in the special style of a rap songs and beatboxing. The special pair of Tanya Yadav alias Tanaya D, a resident of Gorakhpur, UP and Anjali Yaduvanshi (AJ), a resident of Bihar, is making a splash. The special thing is that the friendship between these two happened on Instagram. After this, when the two met, it became the star couple of Insta.

About two-three years ago, when both the students started to rap and beatbox, people made fun of them. His talent was overlooked. But the art of these two has become so famous now that people who used to make fun of them. They are following him. Seeing this art of theirs, Instagram has also made both the students their faces. More than 10 lakh people have seen his art. Seeing this art of theirs, Instagram has made both the students their faces. Millions of people across the country and abroad are liking Tanaya and Anjali's rap songs and beat boxing in the Insta advertisement. 10 ads are shown on one of their videos. Even they get 1 lakh rupees for their work.

Tanaya started singing rap songs two years ago by watching videos on YouTube

Tanya, who sang rap songs, told that she is from a medium class family. Papa raises cows in the village. This is how our household expenses go. Was watching youtube about two years ago. Then heard a rap song by rapper Cardi B. He liked it so much that I also started writing rap songs. Watch hundreds of videos of rappers on YouTube. After that started practising rap. First performance on Teacher's Day, which no one understood. But everyone liked the style and style of rap. After that started practising for three to four hours. Tanaya tells that initially, it was a hobby. When the response started coming, then started singing rap songs. Started posting my posts on Instagram.

Watched beatboxing for the first time on a reality show, people made fun of him, today he became a follower
Such is the story of the struggle and success of Anjali Yadav, a resident of Bihar. Anjali told that she had seen beatboxing in reality shows on channels earlier. Then I thought this was a unique art. Saw on Google search that there are not many girls doing beatboxing. Then took more interest in it. started learning. Started practising for two to three hours.

Tanaya & Anjali's Friendship

Anjali and Tanaya told that about two years ago, both of them got to know each other through Instagram. They both followed each other. Both of them had a good friendship, then together they decided to do something new and different. Both of them came to Jaipur from UP and Bihar two months ago. Enrolled in BJMC course in a private university here in Mansarovar. In October, Instagram saw Tanaya's rap videos on her Insta profile, then contacted her for a chance in their ad. Tanaya took her best friend and beatboxer Anjali along. Then Insta listened to both of them together. After this, in his advertisement, Tanaya's rap and Anjali's beatboxing were given a chance to spread.

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