All Female Music Groups to Perform at JKK’s Upcoming Music Festival, ‘Divine Chords’

- Indiva Band to perform on 26 November and Stree Shakti Band on 27 November
All Female Music Groups to Perform at JKK’s Upcoming Music Festival, ‘Divine Chords’

The art and cultural hub of Jaipur, Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) is organising a 4-day music festival 'Divine Chords' from 24 to 27 November at Madhyavarti. Female only groups will perform during the festival at 6.30 pm daily. The audience will have the chance to witness a variety of musical performances rendered on Drums, Guitar, Tabla and Sitar. Entry will be free for visitors.

Bollywood, Folk and Sufi performances by 'Womeniya Band' on Sunday, 24 November
The festival will begin with a performance by 'Womeniya Band' from Uttarakhand on Sunday, 24 November. One-of-its-kind 'Womeniya Band' was formed to spread awareness on crime against women in the country. The band hopes to bring about a change through their songs and aims to create an atmosphere where women's voices are heard and heeded instead of being overlooked and ignored. Their music is a fusion of the Bollywood, Folk and Sufi genre. The band members are Swati (Lead Vocals), Srividya (Drums), Ayushi (Lead Guitar), Shakumbhari (Bass Guitar) and Komal (Rhythm Guitar).

Sitar performance by Anupama Bhagwat on Monday, 25 November

Sitar maestro, Anupama Bhagwat will perform on Monday, 25 November. She has carved a niche in Indian Classical Music with a versatile and eclectic style. Anupama started learning Sitar from Shri R. N. Verma at the age of 9 years and at the age of 13 she received her sitar recital training from Acharya Bimlendu Mukherjee of the Imdadkhani Gharana. Acclaimed worldwide with a repertoire of global performances since 1995, her sensitivity and knowledge has taken her to the highest levels of the modern genre. She has been conferred with the title Surmani by Sur Sringar Sansad, Bombay (1995). She has also won the first position in the All India Radio (AIR) Music Competition (1994).

Multilingual Folk Fusion Music performance by Indiva Band on Tuesday, 26 November

Mumbai based band, Indiva will perform on Monday, 26 November. Divas from different genres of music and disciplines will combine their skill, grace and style to present multilingual folk fusion music. The members of the band are Merlin Dsouza (Keys), Shruti Bhave (Violin and Vocals), Chandana Bala Kalyan (Vocals), Shazneen Arethna (Vocals and Ukelele), Mitali Vinchurkar (Tabla and Percussion) and Aditi Bhagwat (Kathak). The band has performed for several prestigious music festivals like Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (Mumbai), The Storm (Bangalore) BOLDtalks Conference (Dubai) and many others.

Performance by Anuradha Pal and group 'Stree Shakti Band' on Wednesday, 27 November

On the concluding day of 4-day festival 'Divine Chords', Stree Shakti Band formed by the multifaceted Tabla virtuoso, Anuradha Pal will present a power-packed percussion performance. The audience will have the chance to listen to traditional and contemporary music presented through a unique combination of rhythm and songs. This innovative and path-breaking band challenges gender stereotypes and biases, promotes female empowerment, inclusion, opportunity, equality and dignity. Stree Shakti's major performances at prestigious international music festivals include the Rhythm Sticks Festival, Oldham Mela, BBC Music Live, Common Wealth Games Festival, among others.

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