World Alzheimer’s Day: This Disease is Fatal for Women 

Bad sleep increases the level of bad protein in the brain, calling for disease creates Alzheimer. Good sleep is a good way to greet many diseases from a distance.
Image Credit: Beyond Pink World
Image Credit: Beyond Pink World

Bad sleep increases the level of bad protein in the brain, calling for disease creates Alzheimer. Good sleep is a good way to greet many diseases from a distance. It was revealed from the research of 2017 that if you do not sleep well even for a night, then this disease can enter the house like an uninvited guest. This was revealed in joint research conducted by Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, US, Stanford University, and Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands.

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Image Credit: FirstPost

Research has said that taking even one night of bad sleep increases the level of a protein amyloid-beta in the brain and if this poor sleep continues for a week then the level of another protein tau also increases. Increased levels of both beta and tau proteins may trigger the onset of Alzheimer's.

The patient constantly loses their memory

Delhi resident Sharda (67) often forgets her home address, even though her house is only 200 meters away from the park. Sometimes they do not even remember their daily activities. There are many such women in many old age homes of Delhi, who have forgotten their past. There are many who do not even remember their names.

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Alzheimer's is a mental illness in which the patient constantly loses his memory and eventually forgets himself. That is, there is a constant change in the patient's brain. Although the exact cause of this disease is not yet known, many researchers have talked about its apprehensions. On the occasion of World Alzheimer's Day, we will give you information about the ways to avoid this disease and the steps to stop it, which may also be of use to you.

Make a habit of doing cardio-vascular exercise

Dr. Anu Aggarwal says that the most important thing to avoid this disease is a routine exercise and higher education. Women should make a habit of doing cardio-vascular exercise over time, which is very important to prevent this disease. Higher education is also very important. This not only increases the knowledge power of women but also increases the memory power of their brains. The more women are associated with education, the more they will not be able to touch a disease like dementia. The sharpness of the brain increases. It is easy to remember things for a long time.

Less sleep in youth due to workload

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Powerful mitochondria to protect against bad proteins in young women. In young women, the mitochondria in their cells are in a stronger position to avoid these bad proteins, while in older women these mitochondria weaken, making them more prone to Alzheimer's than men. It has also been said in many types of research that people who get less sleep in youth due to workload or any other reason, may get this disease in old age.

The decline in menopause increases the chances of Disease

It has also been told in many research that the decline in menopause with increasing age can also feast on Alzheimer's because it also changes sleep patterns many times. According to a study conducted in Finland, for women who do not have menopause, if are taking oral hormone therapy, then their chances of getting this disease increase by 17 percent. However, there is no such research so far, which can explain how hormones are given during treatment change women's health.

The public health priorities in 2017

According to a 2019 study, family members spend an average of 5 hours a day caring for a person with dementia. The biggest thing is that women are the only helpers of women in this type of disease. Women make up 70 percent of the caregivers of a person with dementia. The World Health Organization also recognized the disease as one of the public health priorities in 2017. In July this year, the organization decided to help countries where steps are being taken for dementia sufferers.

Include turmeric in the diet, your memory will remain intact

Turmeric has been shown to be excellent for memory in many studies. The reason is that the curcumin found in it has anti-oxidant properties. Due to the use of turmeric in Indian food, the risk of Alzheimer's here is less than in other countries. The memory of the elders here is also comparatively good. According to research conducted at the University of California in Los Angeles, USA, curcumin proves to be very helpful in keeping the brain calm. Alzheimer's can be easily treated with the nanoparticle of curcumin. Along with this, it can also play an important role in regenerating brain cells, ie neurons, very important for maintaining memory.

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