Ravish Kumar made Questioning Post for Railway Minister

RRB Group D: Applications rejected of many candidates, Ravish Kumar made Questioning post for Railway Minister
Ravish Kumar made Questioning Post for Railway Minister

After the final decision of the Railways on RRB Group D Application rejected the project, many candidates' applications (RRC Group D Application) were accepted, on the other hand, applications of many candidates have been rejected. There is a large number of candidates whose application rejected.

Distressed candidates are calling and messaging NDTV's Ravish Kumar. In such a situation, Ravish Kumar has once again post a letter for Railway Minister Piyush Goyal on Facebook.

Ravish Kumar wrote:

Still many students remained from filling the Railway Group D form Railway Minister, Students are going through mental torture to fill the form of Railway Group D Exam. The Railway Board definitely paid attention to this and some people got permission to fill it. Congratulations on this but many students are still not able to.

What is the reason behind canceling the form.? If there is any problem or mistake then you should tell these students clearly. You read their message once. You will feel pity for them that they are crying for so many minor reasons. They are also getting aggressive on your department,You should also take care of this. Everyone should get a chance to give the exam. Rejecting of forms is not correct in any condition. Once you see yourself at the place of students. Hope you will consider the future of these students with an open mind and give mental relief as soon as possible.

These students contacted several channels so that they could reach you. All students took Twitter to post all about this matter but there is no reply. I have to write to all those rejected applicants because they are very upset.

Request once again.

Ravish Kumar

Railways are going to recruit more than 1 lakh posts. 1 crore 15 lakh candidates have applied for these posts. Out of these, applications of about 4 lakh candidates were rejected, after this applications of many candidates have been accepted, then many candidates are disappointed. No information has been revealed about how many candidates have accepted their application.

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