Indian Railway: How likely is the Train Ticket to be confirmed, Know these Five Codes

If passengers take care of the code even while booking waiting tickets, then the chances of getting confirmed increases. Many important information is hidden in train tickets
Image Credit: DNA India
Image Credit: DNA India

To travel by train, you need to book tickets as early as possible, so that you get a berth and travel comfortably. But if you take a little delay in booking then you have to be satisfied with the RAC ticket if you do not wait. On the other hand, if the passengers take it after taking care of the code while booking the waiting ticket, then the chances of getting confirmed increase. Let us try to know about the five codes written on the ticket, after all, what is in these codes according to which people think it is right to take the ticket…


GNWL written on the train ticket means General Waiting List. It is written on the train ticket when the passenger starts the journey from an originating station or from nearby stations of the originating station. This code is most common in waiting lists. The chances of getting confirmed in such tickets are high.


Image Credit: Mint
Image Credit: Mint

PQWL written on the train ticket means Pooled Quota Waiting List. However, for smaller stations, the quota of confirmed seats is issued. If the confirmed ticket is canceled at any station for the confirmation of the said ticket in that class, then the ticket of the passenger having PQWL becomes confirmed.


Under Remote Location Waiting List, also known as RLWL Category of Indian Railways. In this, train tickets are issued to railway passengers for intermediate railway stations (ie between the starting station and the ending station). This is done because usually, these are the most important cities on that particular railway route. The chances of getting a ticket confirmed in this category are less.


The tatkal quota waiting list is called TQWL. If a ticket in the Tatkal list is canceled, then such tickets have the highest priority. This category does not provide the option of Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC). If this ticket is not confirmed then it will automatically get canceled and money will be credited to your account.


This is the last waiting list. It means request quota waiting list, if there is no pooled quota in the route then such a waiting list is allowed. Usually, tickets are booked from one intermediate station to another intermediate station, and there are no other quotas. It is then put on the request quota waiting list.

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