BJP Becomes the Biggest Party in the World with 1.1 Crore Followers on Twitter

On Twitter, the Bharatiya Janata has become the most followed party. BJP has touched 11 million mark on Twitter. At the same time, the Congress has 5.14 million followers.
BJP Becomes the Biggest Party in the World with 1.1 Crore Followers on Twitter

A new record has been added to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) account. BJP has left behind all the political parties around the world and has made the most follow up on Twitter. BJP now has 11 million followers on Twitter.

No political party has such a large number of followers. Not only has the BJP left all the political parties behind, but the political parties around the world are now behind BJP on Twitter.

BJP's biggest rival Party, Congress Party in the country has 5.14 million followers. After the new record, BJP now has more than double the Congress. Social media has now changed the meaning of popularity in the world. All political parties on Facebook and Micro Blogging site Twitter are trying to get more followers. Political parties also run digital campaigning to be popular on social media. The BJP team is more active in this case.

Young people have a huge role in the people who follow BJP on social media. This time around 84 million new voters will vote for the first time in this Lok Sabha election. This record is not only with the BJP, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also the most liked leader in the world. They have the most followers on Twitter and Facebook.

There are a total of 11.09 crore followers on PM Modi's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. At the same time, it can also be easily understood that the popularity of PM Modi is not only in the country but in the world.
There is the name of former US President Barack Obama on the first number. In the social media, Obama has been ranked first in the world in terms of followers. Obama's total followers are 18.27 million.

'Narendra Modi has overtaken US President Donald Trump with 11 million followers worldwide. There are 9.6 million followers worldwide. However, Trump is the second highest leader in the world to be followed on Twitter.

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