Users said to Asim’s Father, Teach him Twitter, here is Asim’s Father Funny Reply

Asim's fans want Asim to join tweeter so that his fans can ask questions to him as his fan thinks that lackdown is the best time to do so.
Users said to Asim’s Father, Teach him Twitter, here is Asim’s Father Funny Reply

Asim Riaz, who was the first runner up in Bigg Boss Season 13, has no shortage of projects. While living inside the house, his popularity had increased so much that Asim got many projects as soon as he came out of the house. He has appeared in two music albums so far. Asim's fans keep supporting him through social media. However, the problem with Twitter users is that Asim is on Instagram but not on Twitter.

A fan of Asim Riaz complained about this to his father. Actually Asim's father uses Twitter. Riaz Ahmed Chaudhary is the Twitter handle of Asim's father and a fan tweeted to Asim's father – some fans said that Asim does not know how to use Twitter. Can you teach him so that he can organise a #AskAsim fan chat in this lockdown environment. This will be a very good thing for us.

Asim's father responded to this fan in almost the same style as Asim. He retweeted this fan's tweet and said – he knows it probably in his own style as his post are sometimes amazing as he is always emotional to put a post especially when praising his fans. Infact cobbling words needs your deep understanding of the issues and certainly Asim  will live up to the expectations of his fans.

The relationship of Asim and Himanshi, which started in the house of bigg boss, is in constant discussion even after coming out of the house. After coming out of the house, Asim and Himanshi have shot a music video together which was very much liked. In a short time, this video was viewed more than 2 crore times on YouTube. In the atmosphere of lockdown, Asim and Himanshi are now forced to comfort each other by talking on video calls.

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