Red Heatwave Alert in North India as Temperature Hits 50 Degrees

The weather is constantly hot. Weather patterns are very strict. The heat is hurting people. Many districts in the morning are in the grip of summer waves.
Image credit: Times of India
Image credit: Times of India

The weather is constantly hot.  Weather patterns are very strict. The heat is hurting people.  Many districts in the morning are in the grip of summer waves. According to the Meteorological Department, some relief is expected from Thursday.

People leaving for their work in the morning had to work hard to avoid the heat.  If someone covered his head using a cloth, he used an umbrella, but did not get relief.  Throughout the day, people were scorched with heat.  In the evening,  the maximum temperature in Banda was recorded at 48 degree Celsius, breaking the previous day's record.  Banda was the hottest city in the state.  The maximum temperature in Prayagraj, Jhansi also remained above 47 degrees.

Image credit: India Today
Image credit: India Today

Sultanpur, Varanasi, Kanpur, Orai, Agra were also extremely hot with temperatures exceeding 45 degrees.  Although there was a slight decrease in temperature in the capital on Tuesday, there was no respite from the heat.  Throughout the day people continued to feel this way as if sitting in a hot oven.  Even cooler, AC was proving ineffective.  Lucknow recorded a maximum temperature of 43. 8 degrees Celsius, which was 3.3 degrees above normal.  The minimum temperature was recorded at 27.3 degrees Celsius.  The maximum temperature is expected to be 44 degrees on Wednesday.

People are expected to get relief on Thursday from the intense heat they have been studying for the past several days. According to the forecast of the weather department, western disturbance is increasing towards Jammu and Kashmir.  At the same time, a low pressure area is also expected to be formed, due to which there will be an upsurge in the weather.  Thundershowers are expected with the movement of clouds.  This may provide some relief from the heat in some areas of the state.  This season is expected to last three-four days.

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