1 Month of Bhajan Lal in Rajasthan: From Bulldozer Action Against Criminals to Where He Lacked

15 January marked one month of Bhajan Lal Sharma's CMship in Rajasthan. New CM sent a strong message by bulldozing properties of gangsters while he remained lineant towards the bureaucracy. In last one month, Bhajan Lal government has done bureaucratic shuffle twice, but Bhajan Lal did not take stringent measures like MP government.
Bhajan Lal Sharma
Bhajan Lal Sharma

PM Modi, during his recent Jaipur visit instructed the ministers to spend one night in a village everymonth but PM's instructions are yet to take any shape even on papers.

It has been a while since the allocation of the portfolios to the ministers but first Cabinate meeting is yet to take place. However, Bhajan Lal's team has remained desciplined and refrained from 'Bayan baazi'.

Here is a look at one month of Bhajan Lal government-

Beureaucratic Shuffling- 

Shuffling of bureaucracy is a common practice when new government takes up the charge. However, Bhajan Lal has has not tried sending message as a 'tough administrator' . Infact, majority of  officers who  were holding big responsibilities in previous government have been retained.

At the same time Dr. Yadav of MP has been displaying no chill mood. In one of the meetings CM Mohan Yadav conveyed a strong message stating 'collector sahabs should keep in mind that if a patwari does something wrong, Action will be taken against patwari as well as against the collector'.

Dr. Yadav removed prinicple secretary after death of 13 people in an accident. Similarly DM Shajapur was called back at Bhopal within minutes of asking a trucker of his 'Aukaat'.

Ministers and MLAs- Sluggish approach despite instructions from PM Modi. 

PM Modi during his three days visit to jaipur suggested the ministers to spend one night in village every month. He suggested this way a minister would know about problems of 60 villages by the end of 5 years. However no road map has yet been prepared by the government to execute what PM suggested. 

At the same time CM Mohan Yadav of MP has ordered Officers and MLAs to remain active in field. Infact CM has already visited all 5 divion headquarters and have attended different meetings. CMO is directly taking cognigence of daily activities of officers. 

Strong action against crime, zero tolerance against paper mafia- 

CM Bhajan Lal sent a strong message against crime in state by bulldozing properties of gangster Rohit Rathore, the accussed shooter in Gogamedi murder case. At the same time, CM displayed no delay in constituting SIT to investigate the paper leaks.   

However, IPS and RPS officers are more concerned about transfer lists, which are yet to be issued for police department. IPS oficers are spending their days waiting for transfer orders instead of stepping out in the field and taking big actions. 

At the other hand MP government has taken a fresh approach in policing. For the first time officers of ADG rank have been tasked to manage law and order at divison level. This will enable ADG rank officers to step out of PHQ and act in field. 

Key appointments of RAS-IAS officers in the CMO not done- all eyes on delhi now

Not only the political parties even the 'aam aadmi' believes that all the major decisions regarding postings and appointments are being made in delhi. Posts of OSDs to the CM are still laying vacant. 

At the other hand CM Yadav of MP has proven to be proactive even in this regard. The team CMO was constituted well in advance in month of December. 

Meanwhile, unwarranted delay in postings and appointments in Rajasthan is not conveying positive message among common public.

Late in managing very first protest- 

Unemployed candidates are protesting to postpone  the RAS Mains exam.Sate government is yet to make any decision. At ond hand government is yet to make any decision and at the other hand RAS Candidates have denies giving up the protest. At the moment their is clear lack of communication between government and candidates.

Bhajan Lal Sharma
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