Aarey Case: Supreme Court asks for ‘Health Card’ of Newly Planted Trees

In the case of cutting down of trees in Aarey Colony, Mumbai, the Supreme Court has ordered to maintain the status quo, trees will not be cut nor construction will stop.
Aarey Case: Supreme Court asks for ‘Health Card’ of Newly Planted Trees

The next hearing in this case will be held on 15 November. With this, the Supreme Court also called for a report on the condition of the plants to grow or survive in aarey area, they asked for the health card of the plants. During the hearing on Monday, the Supreme Court asked how many trees were cut down. How many new plants were planted? How many of those plants are left?

The Supreme Court said that photographs should also be shown to the court. The Supreme Court has asked the Metro and Mumbai Corporation whether any commercial project is also proposed in this area?  The Supreme Court said that we want to see not only this area but the whole region. Earlier this month, the Supreme Court had ordered the Maharashtra government not to cut any trees till the date of the next hearing.

Law student Rishav Ranjan wrote a letter to Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi to intervene in the case, after which a special bench was set up to hear the case. The Bombay High Court had cleared the Maharashtra Government for Metro-related construction, while the petition of environmental activist Joru Darius Bathena was rejected.

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