Richa Gulati Says ‘Hard Work has no Shortcuts’, Know Her Full Journey

Richa Gulati wanted to be a doctor but with time she realized that she could become an amazing actor so she worked hard to achieve her goal.
Image Credit: Celebsecrets
Image Credit: Celebsecrets

On 23rd October, Richa Gulati was caught in the Pink City Jaipur. Here she talked about her future projects in Bollywood. She is a well-known Indian actress, who is known for Sivaranjani (2019) and Girik Aman Feat.

Plans to Enter into Bollywood 

Richa Gulati has worked with Telugu films Production House. And at the same time, she has also done various Bollywood music videos with Yash Wadali, and Padamshree Hansraj – Yuvraj Hans. The talented diva-turned actress who had found immediate success with music videos, advertisements, and modelling gigs now plans for a big splash in movies.

Image Credit: Bollywood
Image Credit: Bollywood

Struggling Period of Richa Gulati

Richa started her career with print & TV commercials in the year 2014. After that Richa has done a project as a lead actor for amazon prime. Richa has marked her screen-presence in some of the famous designers shoots with Manish Malhotra, Asha Milani, Esha Kaul, and many more. In her Last Five years of career in Bollywood, she has worked with Zee Music, T Series, Venus music.

Image Credit: Hungama
Image Credit: Hungama

PhD Pursuant Becomes an Actress

Richa said of her journey, "I was a little oblivious of my own charm." It took some time for me to properly channel the recognition I was receiving. And at the same time, have a more positive attitude toward the things I was genetically blessed with. She said that currently, I am pursuing PhD in Public Health but the ultimate aim of my life is to become an actress. However, with time, I realised that if I could enhance my acting talent as well as my beauty, I could achieve a lot more. So, I began my career in the entertainment industry.

Richa in Pink City Jaipur

Richa said that- It is really difficult to make space in Bollywood when a lot of people are already in the race. But at the same time, I believe in one thing that hard work has no shortcuts. That's the only reason why I believe in the consistency of the work.

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