Say No to Chemical Colours and Play Holi with Homemade Herbal Colours

Harmful chemical colours are the cause of rashes, irritation, or other problems on the skin. So why not make your own colours on Holi in a natural way.
Say No to Chemical Colours and Play Holi with Homemade Herbal Colours

Play Holi with Homemade Herbal Colours

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The tradition of playing Holi with Gulal is very old. We all like to play Holi with colours. If Holi is played with full safety and joy, then it has its own fun. Chemical dyes available in the market are very harmful to our skin. Playing Holi with chemical colours can cause acne, allergies or irritation in the skin. If you want to play Holi this time with homemade herbal colours, then we have brought tips for you, so that you can easily make herbal colours at your home. So let's know how to make the herbal colours.

Green Colour

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Green coloured gulal</p></div>

Green coloured gulal

To make green coloured gulal, first dry and grind neem leaves and then make a powder or paste of it. The use of neem is considered very beneficial for the skin. Neem has antibacterial and antiallergic properties which will help in getting rid of problems like pimples, acne as well. Apart from neem, spinach can also be dried to make a green colour.

Play Holi with Orange colour

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Orange Colour

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Use Palash flowers to make orange-coloured gulal. A day before Holi, you can dry the flowers of Palash and make a powder of it and make orange colour. Apart from this, for wet orange colour, either boil the flowers of Palash or keep them soaked in water overnight.

Red colour

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Red Coloured Gulal

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You can mix red sandalwood powder with flour or maida to make dry red colour. You can also use vermilion instead of sandalwood. You can soak beetroot or rose petals or hibiscus petals overnight to make a wet red colour.

Yellow colour

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Yellow Colour

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If you want the yellow colour to play Holi, mix Turmeric and Gram Flour. Both Turmeric and Gram Flour are beneficial for our skin. You can mix turmeric and water for wet yellow colour. Apart from this, you can also make yellow colour at home by soaking marigold flowers in water.

Purple colour

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Purple Colour

To make the purple colour, dissolve the juice of black grapes or Jamun in water. Violet color can also be prepared by grinding beetroot and mixing it with flour.

Make Pink colour from pomegranate

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Make pink color from pomegranate

Pomegranate is not only effective in eating but also in making pink colour. If you want a moist pink colour, then mix pomegranate seeds in water.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Play Holi with Homemade Herbal Colours</p></div>
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