'Jayeshbhai Jordaar' Movie Is Not So Jordaar As It Claims

Jayeshbhai Jordaar suffers from poor writing while including certain 'jordaar' moments and performances. Ranveer Singh has performed his character very well.
'Jayeshbhai Jordaar' Movie Is Not So Jordaar As It Claims

JAYESHBHAI JORDAAR is a narrative about a unique hero. Jayeshbhai (Ranveer Singh) and his wife Mudra (Shalini Pandey), daughter Siddhi (Jia Vaidya), father (Boman Irani), and mother Yashoda reside in Pravingarh, Gujarat (Ratna Pathak Shah). Jayeshbhai's father is Pravingarh's Sarpanch and is highly conservative and patriarchal.

The sarpanch and Yashoda want a boy from Mudra and Jayesh after she gives birth to a daughter. When she conceives again and it is discovered that she will have a girl, she is compelled to get an abortion. She eventually had six abortions. She becomes pregnant once more.

When the sarpanch and Yashoda go to the clinic to find out the gender of the baby, the doctor says she doesn't understand. However, she quietly informs Jayeshbhai that Mudra is expecting a daughter. Mudra has grown quite fragile as a result of many abortions, according to the doctor.

As a result, she will be unable to conceive again. The sarpanch and Yashoda had agreed that if a girl is found in Mudra's womb, Jayeshbhai will divorce Mudra and remarry. Jayeshbhai adores Mudra and feels terrible for sacrificing six unborn babies because of their gender.

He's not ready to take another life this time. He stumbles across a video of a bunch of guys in a Haryana hamlet on the internet. Their sarpanch, Amar (Puneet Issar), and the rest of the males are single. This is because no females are remaining in the hamlet as a result of the locals' vicious practice of female infanticide.

Amar declares in the video that he is ready to take care of and protect any woman that comes to their community. Jayeshbhai devises a plan and intends to flee Pravingarh with Mudra, Siddhi, and their pregnant baby daughter to Amar's hamlet of Laadopur. The rest of the movie revolves around what occurs next.

Apart From Ranveer the Rest of the Cast Didn’t Perform Well


Ranveer Singh has performed his character very well. It feels pity how the directors wasted such a talented actor in this flop story. Shalini Pandey is not looking so good as an actress. She underplays her part as required, however, she is overwhelmed by the other performers in a few instances. According to the film's theme song, Jia Vaidya is the "firecracker." She's cute and adds to the craziness. Boman Irani does his part flawlessly.

Ratna Pathak Shah is underutilized in the early half but shines at the conclusion. Puneet Issar is gorgeous and gives an excellent performance. Deeksha Joshi (Preeti, Jayeshbhai's sister) does an excellent job. Jayesh Barbhaya (Bhika) performs admirably, yet his track should have been improved. Soumita Samanta (Bengali wife) and Swati Das (Doctor) are both acceptable.

Conclusion Of the Review

JAYESHBHAI JORDAAR has its fair share of jordaar moments, performances, and the proper message. However, the writing is uneven. Divyang Thakkar, the film's writer-director, manages to express a social message in a lighthearted manner, earning the film tax exemption. It may start slowly at the box office and will have to rely on favorable word of mouth from its target group.

'Jayeshbhai Jordaar' Movie Is Not So Jordaar As It Claims
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