How Kartik’s Mother React on Kartik being on Trend, Know here…

Some fans wanted to know from Kartik Aaryan, what his mother's reaction was when she saw him trending. How does his mother feels.
Image Source: DNA India
Image Source: DNA India

Actor Kartik Aaryan is not only active on social media, but he also entertains fans a lot. His funny videos goes viral on social media and make everyone laugh. For a few days, Kartik has been doing a #Askkartik session on social media, through which fans are getting a chance to ask questions to their favorite actor.

Kartik became Trending on Social Media

In this session, Kartik gave his views on many other issues from his marriage. #Askkartik has a long trend on social media. On many occasions it even became number one. In such a situation, some fans wanted to know from Kartik Aaryan that what his mother's reaction was when she saw him trending. How does his mother feels. As expected, Kartik answered this question but in a very funny way.

Kartik Aaryan tweeted on social media and wrote- 'Ek hafte bhaav khaigi relatives ke bech'. Now, this tweet of Kartik is not only funny but also quite relatable. According to Kartik, his mother praises him and gets a lot of headlines among her relatives. This tweet of Kartik has gone viral and it is getting funny reactions.

Kartik is going to get Married?

In the same session, questions were also asked about his marriage. Kartik had said on that question – 'This is the good time, it will not be so expensive as well.'

Kartik's Work Front

Now, everyone liked this middle class style answer of Kartik and everyone praised the actor very much. Talking about the work front, Kartik Aaryan is going to be seen in the film 'Bhool Bhoolaiya 2' and 'Dostana 2'. There is a tremendous buzz about both films. 'Bhool Bhoolaiya 2' is the sequel of 'Bhool Bhoolaiya' in which Akshay Kumar was in the lead role.

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